Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Death of my Aunt Lorraine in connection to Kobe Bryant-Synchronicity with Eagles-Stand by Me

My mom text me a bit ago saying that my aunt Lorraine died. 
I knew she was connected to Kobe Bryant, but this takes the cake. 
She died 4 months 1 days before what would have been Kobe's birthday. She also died on the 113th day of the year. 
Kobe Bryant=41 and 113
Today is 22/4. 
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
Today is also 243 days after Kobe's 41st bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=243

Remember how Kobe was synced to the narrative with the Houston Rockets/China..
My aunts name is "Lorraine HOUSTON"=201 and 823(Jewish)
8/23 of course Kobe's bday. 
NBA suspended 201 days after Kobe's bday. 
Today is 2 months 27 days after Kobe died....
I just wonder as this is the big number with France. 

It's also interesting Lorraine died 2 years 5 days after her last sibling to Uncle Clancy...
My Aunt Betty died on 2/5 this year. 
It's also interesting that my Uncle Clancy was syned to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and all the Eagle symbolism at the time....I've recently been writing all about this...I even ended writing last night talking about it....then this morning when I got to work my Boss was listening to the song "One of these Nights" by the Eagles..I first thought it was a song by the Police, but then realized it wasn't....the transgendered person who comes in from time to time then proceeded to tell me how they play guitar and know all the Eagles I knew it was important. 

The first time I went to Facebook today, the first post that came up of course was about the Eagles as well. 

The next time I got on Facebook this is the first post that popped was a video of this person lip singing "'Stand by Me"...remember "Stand by Me" was important to the Stoneman Douglas narrative as well...

Remember Kobe was an Eagles fan as well...and his rape case was in Eagle, Colorado. 
I guess I'll add more when I find out...

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