Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Neptune-The Pineal Gland-Kether(Crown)-Youtube took off the dates on my old videos-Weird AL Ebolavirus-Tiger Theme-Rocky-Goldfinger-Copyright Claim on my Horny Beartrap video

I recently mentioned Malaysian Flight 370 in connection to the trident/Neptune. 
I don't think I explained it in the video, but the reason that "Philip" was important to Neptune is the name means "Lover of Horses". 
Neptune is the God of the Sea/Earthquake/Horses. 

This makes me think about Prince Philip yet again too. 

Anyway Bobby messaged me that Neptune in the Tree of Life is associated with Kether, which is the Crown..Which makes perfect sense to be important with Coronavirus. 

Notice this website says the pineal gland is controlled by Neptune as well. 
Johann Gottfried Galle=95(discovered planet)
Pineal Gland=95

I'm trying to review some old stuff about Neptune and I noticed that Youtube quit putting dates on these old videos?
Also not sure what I meant by W=6 in Hebrew back then lol.  

The dates stop on my Ice Bucket Challenge Video and older....and begin with my first ever screencasted type video about Weird Al and Ebola....just interesting considering Coronavirus...
Try to avoid any Virgo's and Leo's with the Ebola Virus was the lyric I was talking about....
Also interesting the date of 8/27...the date important to Haile Selassie/Ethiopia...this year it will be 12/21/12 on the Ethiopian Calendar. 
Mayan Calendar=239
8/27 is normally the 239th day...

Today is 142 days before 8/27...
Weird Al=142(FB)
I know why I'm seeing this too lol...earlier I was watching the rest of Tiger King..and at the very end of the show it has the Fat guy riding on the Waverunner while the song "Eye of the Tiger" is playing. However, with him being Fat and my childhood love of Weird Al, I instantly had his song "Rye or the Kaiser" in my head. 

8/27 is the 7 month 6th day after Coronavirus in the United States began too. 
Eye of the Tiger=76
Sylvester Stallone born on 7/6. 
Think how Sylvester is a CAT...
Remember how "Cat"=6 and 24...
The number 624 important to the Detroit Tigers/Rocky Colavito..Prince Charles...

Rocky=27 and 72
Remember Weird Al admits he hides 27 in his music/movies so on.. 

The song "Eye of the Tiger" was written for Rocky III. Think how this is important to the France stuff..
Notice the band QUEEN denied Stallone, so the band SURVIVOR made the theme song instead. 

It's funny too as earlier I played my acoustic for the first time in a long time. I played, "I feel like making Love" and then was telling Jasmine about the band "Goldfinger" remaking it. It's funny because my first ever concert was when Goldfinger opened up for Weird AL in Sioux City, Iowa. 
haha and thinking about it now, I was reading Zach's blog a bit ago and saw that "Pussy Galore" from the James Bond film "Goldfinger" died on 4/5....It's just so random, but all happened for a reason that I see now. 

Remember James Bond important to the Aurora Batman Shooting. 

Feel Like Makin Love=94
Bad Company=94

Weird Al Yankovic=172
Twenty Seven=172

I'm gonna think more on this when I'm not so tired.

I'm wondering if next year the big theme will be Bears? 
Lions and Tigers and Bears? 
I wonder this even more so because I got copyright claim on my Horny Bear video yesterday. I didn't take the time to look much at it, but notice in the above picture..it's the video that was just before my Neptune video and Ice Bucket Challenge video..

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