Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Synchronicity with my old video and I Pet Goat Tiger

I'm listening to one of my old videos, to see if I missed anything about the connections to my life and the Stoneman Douglas shooting for the book. As I'm listening I started thinking about the Tiger Jacket in "I Pet Goat II" and was going to try and do both at the same time....of course right as it loads up I talk about I Pet Goat II and Obama in my video. 

I Pet Goat=201(what I said in the video..without II)
Barack Obama=76

This is what I'm referring to in I Pet Goat II...She is waving the flag for the military tanks..but then stopped by the thing blowing the stick thing that reminds me of end of The Shining picture. 

It might not even be a connection, but I've always associated it with The Shining. 

Once again a post I didn't click Publish on apparently last night haha. 

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