Sunday, April 19, 2020

Scott Steiner brought Tiger on WWE-Sylvester Stallone to turn 76 on 7/6 during Year of Tiger-Hulk Hogan

I was looking at famous people born on 7/29 which is International Tiger Day and one stuck out to me right away. Recently I have got a few comments on my Slipknot video and one of the comments on there is about Scott Steiner Math. I figured I would look up Scott Steiner and of course he brought a Tiger to the ring in 2000 for a WCW Nitro. 

Remember Scott Steiner was part of the NWO with Hulk Hogan as well. 
Scott Steiner=76

I also found this other wrestler with the name Tiger....
Notice he just turned 76 years old..

Also in regards to Tigers....
Remember the song "Eye of the Tiger" came out on Rocky III, which is the film that Hulk Hogan was in. 
I further know this is important because the other day I was singing Hulk's theme song, "Real American" at work. One of the High school kids was making fun of me and I told them they should look up the song, cause it's the best 80's song ever lol. 

A bunch of people also thought Hulk Hogan was the White Tiger instead of Rob Grownkowski...This was because of the clue about the White Tiger wanting to get in the Ring...which Gronkowski has joined the WWE now. 

Interesting Hulk Hogan's first theme song was "Eye of the Tiger", because of the Rocky Film...
Remember Rocky and Sylvester Stallone both born on 7/6. 
Rocky was born in 1945 meaning the character would be 76 years old until 7/6/2022, which is the year of the Tiger. This also means that Sylvester Stallone will be turning 76 years old on 7/6 during the year of the Tiger. (He was born 7/6/46). 
If any year would be perfect for Sylvester Stallone to die...

Think how Tisha B'Av last year was important to Hulk Hogan as well...
Now this year Tisha B'Av falls on International Tiger Day..

The song "Real American" is also by Rick Derringer...recall that Abraham Lincoln was shot with a Philadelphia Deringer. This is why it was important that Pope Francis gave a speech on Lincoln's Gettysburg Lectern in Philadelphia. Also the Comcast Center/Black Cube/Third Temple stuff. Hogan's revenge against Earthquake in Philadelphia. 
Remember too how Shane and Vince McMahon were synced to the Rock and the death of Kobe Bryant. 

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