Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rob Gronkowski dealt to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Synchronicity with old topics-Stoneman Douglas-Birth of my Son-Bridge

I just want to document a few things before I forget and then I gotta get some sleep. 
Rob Gronkowski is going to come out of retirement and play with the Tampa Bay Bucs now? 
Funny how I mentioned him in my Tiger King video being important to Tampa Bay....he then hosted Wrestlemania that was supposed to be in Tampa he's gonna play for them? it's just hilarious. 

Also earlier we had to go to Council Bluffs so I took my laptop with so I could type in the book. I was looking back at some of the narratives that go along with Stoneman Douglas/XXXTentacion and was leading into the Drowning theme...anyway I was looking at the information about my son Zamien being born and how my friend Cody Green had called me....of course as I'm looking at it, Cody Green calls me and I haven't talked to him in he randomly calls me when I'm looking at info that involves him.....

After we got home I started typing agains and I got this notification of someone claiming to have went to Stoneman Douglas. I mean of all topics? It's about the main topic I'm typing about? 
I did discover a big piece that I missed before though..
Stoneman Douglas=81
Eighty One=624
81 was the major Bridge number..
My son born on 1/17..."Bridge"=117

That's why the FIU bridge collapse was after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and so on...

I just never realized the 81 connection with Stoneman Douglas, so thank you Nicholas Furetta. 


  1. True story here: I was accepted to FIU. I was going to transfer there but it was just going to be way to expensive with the cost of out-of-state tuition. I still have the acceptance letter somewhere.

  2. Tampa = Fire Sticks
    Reminds me of celestial fire sticks and Prometheus
    Prometheus 17 year orbital alignment of Saturn causing chaos in the ring

    1. Enceladus
      - moon of Saturn(Tiger Stripes)
      Enceladus Mythology
      - Trumpeter to Arms
      - cause of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions