Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cats are the first Pets with Coronavirus-Catwoman

It is a CAT theme, but emphasis on Tigers this year. 
Notice they now say the first Pets with Coronavirus are Cats. 
A tiger, and a lion at the zoo, and now pet cats have coronavirus. 

They recently made a CATS movie too in December 2019. 
Notice it stars Idris Elba who is also the voice of Shere Khan. 

I'm also interested in regards to CATWoman....remember Batman/Joker/Wonder Woman/Harley Quinn being important....think about CATwoman....
One that sticks out is Halle Berry, because she was also a Bond girl with Pierce Brosnan...and in the Flintstones film..
Halle Berry=56
Her debut film was "Jungle Fever"...the Samuel L. Jackson film...

Here's the Catwoman in TV and Film...

Lenny Kravitz daughter will be Catwoman in the next film...

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