Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Miss England hangs up her crown to work as Coronavirus doctor-Indians

Miss England is hanging up her crown to be a doctor during coronavirus? 
Corona means Crown..
This just a day after Queen Elizabeth addressed the Pandemic. 
What I find even more interesting is she is of INDIAN descent. I just documented about Rocky Colavito and the Indians. 
Think how just before the Daryl Morey NBA tweet about China/South Park/Joker/Batman stuff...the Indian Prime Minister was in Houston with Donald Trump...Trump praised the first NBA games in India which happened on the same day of Morey's Tweet/Joker film.. 
The game was the INDIANa Pacers vs the Sacramento KINGS. 
Bhasha Mukherjee=63
Miss England=63

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  1. Queen Victoria became Empress of India 5/1/1876
    5/1/1876 to 5/1/2020
    144 years

    The Koh-i-Noor Diamond was taken from India and is the main jewel in the front of the crown last worn by the Queen Mother (Crown Jewels)