Friday, April 10, 2020

Great Moon Hoax of 1835 in connection to Moon landing-Sean Connery/James Bond-Synchronicity with my TV

I'm looking back at my James Bond stuff in regards to the Moon. We just had the death of Pussy Galore/Honor Blackman from the film Goldfinger, so I know it's important. 
I documented about the Great Moon Hoax in 1835. 

Notice the Great Moon Hoax was on 8/25/1835. 
This means that it happened exactly 177 years before Neil Armstrong died. 
The false info of a civilization on the Moon was attributed to John Herschel......Think how John Glenn's full name is "John Herschel Glenn". He's the first american to orbit the Earth. 

I think Sean Connery is a guy to watch out for. 
Notice his bday is 8/25...he's the James Bond in the film "Goldfinger" with Pussy Galore. 
Sean Connery=56

Honor Blackman died 142 days before Connery's bday. 

Interesting too that the Batman Shooting James Bond film(Skyfall) brought back the character of "Q". 
Think about the popularity of the Q movement/Qanon..

This year on the anniversary of the Moon landing there will be a New Moon as well. 

So while writing this up I looked up at the TV and it had an ad about James Bond. I tried getting a picture, but I didn't have enough time. The next ad however was one of the new Harley Quinn film haha. Remember how Harley Quinn was important to the Batman/James Bond stuff in November? I then started looking at my computer again, waiting for the Bond ad to come back up so I could get a picture. I figured it would be a bit, and the next time I looked at the TV it was an ad for CATS...of all things...something I've recently documented about. 
Cat theme. 

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