Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Happenings at work today-Masonic Quiz Bowl-Mask-Brad Pitt-John Stamos

I thought this was interesting today, so I am documenting it. My co-worker wanted me to read the article on the local newspaper about the distillery...when I turned to read more I noticed another story was about the Masonic Quiz Bowl. 
It's interesting as I was in Quiz Bowl in high school, but I'm just now realizing it's something put on by the Freemasons. I mean it makes sense considering it's trivia and knowledge, I just stood out to me and I figured there might be a reason for noticing this at some point. 

I also thought it was funny today that my boss told me about another co-worker of mine making homemade masks for us. She went to Mexico back in February and was sick after she came back. She didn't have Coronavirus, but just in case they made her stay home and she hasn't been back yet. 
Anyway a bit later my other co-worker was telling me about her making masks. I joked how I was already wearing a mask and I actually look like Brad Pitt..I just don't want the ladies all over me at work, so I wore my Dan Behrendt mask. A bit later I got on my phone and noticed Zach had posted about a CNN story and April Fools "Masks". 

I then figured I'd look up Brad Pitt and see he is 56 years old right now. 
Coronavirus=56 and 142
Brad Pitt=142(FB)
Thinking about it now..Brad Pitt is in the film World War Z too. 
I mentioned him not too long ago in regards to my Aurora/Angelina Jolie Syncs...
He's also in Interview with the Vampire where Claudia dies in France...
Also the Charles Manson film....thinking about the Beach Boys 20/20 still. 

Ha, earlier tonight I saw some article about John Stamos and I remembered he was part of the Beach Boys, so I looked him up again. 

Notice "John Stamos"=186(FB)
Remember my post about Lori Loughlin was a lot to do with 186. Once again proving the worth of Francis Bacon. 
John Stamos is also currently 56 years old...

Hermes Trismegistus=239
So on..

It was this story on Yahoo that I was only a few stories down from the top of the page...Apparently he has the Full House "Couch" at his home. 

It wasn't too long ago that I documented about Rocky Denis and "Mask" either now that I think about it. 

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  1. On June 28th the 180th day with 186 remaining is America's 1013th Mercury birthday