Saturday, April 4, 2020

My internet disconnected while Claire's YouTube video had an All Seeing Eye-Troom Troom Select-Weird Phone Call and Text Message I got

So I'm sitting here watching the film "12 Monkeys" as I got a comment about it earlier. I have never seen it, and saw it was a Terry Gilliam film so I checked it out. Anyway as I'm watching it on my computer the internet of course disconnected in the middle of it. Claire was watching YouTube on the TV and it also paused and started buffering. She says, "Hey Dan look", as her video paused with the above picture of the Eye and Triangle on the forehead lol. 

I watched the video and apparently they are teaching you how to build a cyclops eye while you're bored. 

Apparently I need to go wipe up the coffee spilled by the TV too, as I'm just now seeing it while looking at this picture. 

Also in the mix of this happening, I got this text message about my phone line still being active. It's pretty strange and they haven't messaged me back yet.....They called me around 6:30am on 3/31...and then sent me the text of "Gggffg" right after. The 647 number is from Woodbine, Iowa, so I assumed someone must have butt dialed me or something of the sort...but now I am really confused by it haha.  

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