Sunday, April 12, 2020

Kevin Garnett wants to bring back Seattle SuperSonics-Jerry Stackhouse regrets playing with Michael Jordan

Kevin Garnett wants to bring back the Seattle SuperSonics? 
This is said during the time of coronavirus that began in Seattle in the US. 
Kevin Garnett=56, 70
Coronavirus=56, 70

A span of 1 month 11 days before Garnett's bday. 
Seattle SuperSonics=111
The NBA Finals=111

Of course Kevin Garnett's rookie season the SuperSonics lost to the Bulls in the NBA Finals. Think how Zach Lavine and Denzel Valentine are synced to the Teen Wolf stuff and currently play for the Bulls. 

We also recently got the article about Jerry Stackhouse saying he wished he never played with Michael Jordan...and he was better than Jordan at the time. 
Jerry Stackhouse also made his NBA debut in 1995-1996 with Kevin Garnett. 

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