Thursday, April 30, 2020

We are the Champions synchronicity at work today-Duck Synchronicity at home tonight-Mandela Effect

My internet was down for a while last night so I didn't get to write much. I did write a few pages about the synchronicity with the Mandela Effect and the Kentucky Derby/Guantanamo Bay from 2019. All of this was leading up to the special date of 5/16...Slipknot released a new song on 5/16 and Chris Fein's mask in the Harold and Kumar film...
Today toards the end of the day at work, I was reading what I wrote last night on my phone so I could start thinking about what I am going to write tonight. As I was reading it though, I was trying to think of a way I could include the Mandela effect synced to Trump and the song "We are the Champions"...the song that is also on the Mighty Ducks...
Anyway a few minutes after reading this on my phone my boss came up to the register and paid for some items. This seemed odd to me, because she rarely buys anything from the store. She brings her own lunch and everything...After I rang her up I knew that her buying this was important as her total came to $5.16. She then started singing, "We are the Champions". I just started laughing and asked her why she was singing that song, and she said, "I have no idea, it just randomly popped in my head a second ago". I then told her that I was just thinking about that song and the number her total was $5.16 and then she started singing it...She didn't really care much about the synchronicity, but I sure appreciated it lol. 

I know this number 516 is important again, so I figured I would look up people who were born and died on 5/16....notice in 2014 a guy named Christopher Duckworth died? He is also from South Africa which reminds us of Nelson Mandela...
The other night I also noticed that the actor who plays Mr. Ducksworth on the Mighty Ducks...
"Josef Sommers"=516(eng ext). 
Recall around this time last year I was mentioning how the english extended cipher seemed important. 

I wonder if there is something important to South  Africacoming up? I see that Elon Musk's bday is 6/28. This date was also in connection to what I was saying with 516....I got the YouTube Strike last year on 2/15 in connection to the Mighty Ducks then lasted until 5/16....then the Mary Poppins stuff was important to Montagraph and Zach's Youtube being taken down 186 days later on 6/28..which leaves 186 days in the year. Zach then did the next episode of the gematria effect on the 186th day and took a break for 2 weeks. 
Emilio Estevez=186
Molly Ringwald=186

Elon Musk was important to the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon..
A bunch more...

South Africa=173(FB)
The Mighty Ducks=173

So I'm sitting here writing this blog post and I just heard the TV say the word "Duck". I look up and my son is watching Peppa's some episode where they look for a rubber duck. 

A few minutes after this happened my girlfriend called me. She took my SUV to Council Bluffs and it started smoking. I hope it's just a hose or something and not the radiator again. I just replaced it not too long ago as her mom hit a deer with it...Just sucks lol as I barely have any time the way it is and now I have to get a trailer and pull it home I might have to spend a bunch of money that I don't really have again. Nothing to do with Ducks as far as I know, but it happened directly after this so I figured it might be important. 

There has to be something important to Death Row Records too. I remember last year during the Chinese Pig year there was a story of Hasbro buying Death Row and Peppa Pig. 

Suge Knight=201(FB)

Haha...I haven't been able to finish researching some things before I post this post until now. Jasmine just got home a bit ago and now they are sitting here. Claire just said look I made a "Duck", I mean an Egg...Her aunt Lori made a duck out of clay that they bought when they were in Council Bluffs...then Claire made an egg to go with it. I mean what are the odds yet again?

It's also interesting that all of this stuff I am talking about was only noticed because of a comment I got on 4/29/2019. Now today I have crazy synchronicity on the 1 year annivesary of what I am documenting about. 

Remember too that along with 5/16, I talked about 5/19 too. I'm thinking about this now, because today is 5 months 19 days after my birthday. 
My bosses maiden name also sums to 519(satanic). 
I've known her for a long time, and when I first looked at her gematria I accidentally put her maiden just makes me wonder. 

I never noticed before either that the film was called, "Champions" in some countries
Today is 195 days before my birthday. 
Remember this number was important a month or so ago and I didn't know the meaning. 

One last thought as I'm looking at this song in relation to the Mighty Ducks....I can't seem to find the song on the first movie. I swear that I remember it being played right after Charlie makes the winning goal and kneels doesn't have the song on that part now I'm wondering if this is a Mandela Effect thing or If it was a different part on one of the movie or D2? 

The only place I see it from clips is on D2 at the very end when they are sitting around the campfire...but I swear it was somewhere else too. I might have to re-watch both films now just to see for myself. 

Funny thing is that at the campfire scene they do end the movie with "Of the World". 

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