Friday, April 24, 2020

James Franco's Tiger Shirt in "The Interview"-Kim Jong-un believes he is the North Korea JFK

The last few things I wrote about were how the Eagles/Moon/Marilyn Manson stuff was also synced to the Trump-Kim Summit because of the number 612. 
Anyway it was important to the film, "The Interview" with James Franco...I thought it was interesting he just had the story about Kim Jong-un as well and I would start typing about this....
Anyway last night I went to Netflix and on the top of the list of movies it had, "The Interview" I figured I would check it out again to possibly see something important...

I'm only in the beginning, but I find it interesting James Franco is wearing a TIGER shirt...this is when he first mentions doing an interview with Kim Jong-un. 

Interesting James Franco just turned 42 years old too. 
James Franco=42 and 244(FB)
Seth Rogen=42
Kim Jong-un=42
World War=42
This is year will be the 244th anniversary of the US/Illuminati so on..
Kim's bday is 4 months 2 days before 5/10. 

James Franco=157(FB)
Kobe Bryant=157
I mention this because he kills Kim Jong-un at the end of the film by shooting down his helicopter. 

Also interesting that Kim Jong-un's bday is 102 days before James Franco's. 
World War=102
Kim hasn't been seen in public since the 4/11 which was the 102nd day of the year. 

The major news currently about Kim Jong-un being sick also stemmed from him not attending the birthday celebration of his grandfather on 4/15. This is important because 4/15 is Seth Rogen's birthday. 

Even better is that they just released a book about Kim Jong-un believing he is the North Korean John F. Kennedy. 

Kim's bday is also 201 days before the anniversary of the Korean War ending...
His bday is 5 months 6 days before Trump's...
Event 201..

JFK died after meeting the Pope...
Kim became leader on Francis' bday..
We know Trump's connection...

JFK died 177 days after his bday..
North Korea=177(FB)

Remember too that Maeve and Gideon Kennedy Drowned on 4/2..2020...
It was 8 months 1 days after Saoirse Kennedy died from a drug overdose on 8/1. 
It's funny too as I have just wrote about the Drowning I discovered it from XXXTentacion who was connected to Stoneman Douglas. 
The Bridge symbolism with the Eagles was all about 81. 

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    Richard Pusey was charged with 10 offences, including speeding, ... a truck driver smashed into four police officers killing them, ...impounding his Porsche 911. (Melbourne Australia)