Wednesday, April 8, 2020

NBA's Televised HORSE Competion

Horse=65 and 70

Remember Chris Paul born on 5/6. 
Zach Lavine's bday was on the 70th day of the year in 2020. 
Remember my post about Zach Lavine/Allen Iverson/Youtube taking my video down was all about 65 too. 

I don't see how Trae Young plays into other than his bday is 9/19 which is the number important to Queen Elizabeth II. 

Also think about the recent Neptune thoughts...Neptune god of HORSES. 


  1. Alcor and Mizar in the Great Bear Constellation
    Known by Arabs as the Horse and the Rider
    Also represents the infant of the walidan of the 3 barat

    Notable people born during Neptune Conjunction with Mizar
    Elvis Presley
    Charles Manson
    Woody Allen
    Bill Cosby

  2. The Bull, the Night Hawk and Thunder

  3. The word pandemic has nothing to do with illness or disease. It simply means everyone is affected by demons