Sunday, April 5, 2020

Tiger at the Bronx Zoo has Coronavirus-American Pie-The Masked Singer-Malaysian Airline-Tom Hanks-Neil Diamond-Saving Silverman

Here we go lol. 
I just uploaded my video about Tiger King yesterday mentioning how Tigers are important to Coronavirus..
Event 201 and so on...
International Tiger Day on 7/29..which is Tisha B'Av and NASA's anniversary. 
Now today we get a story about a Tiger at the Bronx Zoo who got Coronavirus? It's hilarious...I'm either spot on to the theme, or sometimes I wonder if they create these stories after looking at my stuff. Or maybe I am somehow magically creating the these without realizing it. 

I doubt the Tiger has Coronavirus, my guess is it's actually got Bronxitis, but I'm not a professional. 

This comes on the 76th day of Coronavirus in the United States. 

There's a few things I wonder about this story. First is that Zach posted about Bill Gates getting Pie Faced...the Tigers name was Nadia...this reminds me of Nadia from American Pie. I know it seems ridiculous, but I feel like there is something I'm supposed to see with American Pie. I was even talking to the High School kids I work with the other day about how I know I am old when kids can't relate to the American Pie movies anymore..or something of the sort. 
I even talked about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...and the part where Jay says, "Whoa your that Dawson dude" as he's with Jason Biggs...The girl who plays Nadia is Shannon Elizabeth...She is also in Jay and Silent Bob as the girl Jay falls in love with. 

Today is 211 days after her bday..
Shannon Elizabeth=79
Her bday is 9/7 or 7/9. 

Also this Tiger being Malaysian reminds me of the film Castaway with Tom Hanks. Remember he is going to Malaysia when his plane crashes and it was synced up to the missing Malaysian Airline in 2014. 
The plane that had 227 passengers and 239 people on board. 

haha look at this...I was looking at Jason Biggs as he is the star of American Pie....notice it talks about his jokes about the Malaysian Airline causing a controversy? 

Funny too the last thing Jason Biggs was on was a guest host on this years "The Masked Singer". Remember this was important to the Tiger stuff with Rob Gronkowski..
Notice it began on 2/2/2020...same day as the Super Bowl...The number 22 is important to the Tiger King show. 
Jason Biggs=59

I can't help but think of the film "Saving Silverman" with Jason Biggs either. I've documented about it before and it's importance to Neil Diamond...Zenith talked about Neil changing Sweet Caroline to parody about Quarantine...notice he is 79 years old....the 22nd prime. 

That film also sticks out because actor Steve Zahn is in it. He's also in "That Thing You Do" where Adam Schlesinger wrote the song "That Thing You Do" was a Tom Hanks directed film.
He's interesting as his bday is on the anniversary of the France, Isis Attacks in 2015. 
Steven James Zahn=56, 223 and 79

Of course Jack Black is the other guy in the film and he was just in the media for doing a shirtless TikTok. 


  1. Maybe they really are drawing from your posts. They're probably fans of your gematria jazz.

  2. The Walking Dead (the Tiger King episode) introduced Ezekiel
    Ezekiel is the prophet who had the visions of the 3rd Temple

  3. 666 days to the Year of the Tiger