Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dr. Creep-Pandemic music video predicts Coronavirus in 2020

I just saw this post today. A rapper named "Dr. Creep" has a song called "Pandemic" and mentions 2020 combined with Coronavirus. It's funny right before that lyric they show the guy with all the paper towels or toilet paper up in the cupboard too. 
It's interesting right away considering the song is from 2013...a year of major importance to much of what I have followed...
Kobe tearing his achilles...
The Blackout Super Bowl...49ers..
Pope Francis..
The Boston Marathon..
The Year of my first "Conspiracy video" and Zach's blog. 

The video released on the 172nd day of 2013. 
Dr. Creep=172(FB)
Lone Ninja=201(FB)

Anyway I was looking more into this guy and I noticed he has a bunch of old albums with a rapper named "S.I.N. Sacrifice in Numbers". How interesting is that for a name? 
Possibly it's a reference to  "Numbers" bible verse about Sacrifice, but regardless an interesting name. 

A lot of interesting Album titles too such as "RedMoonBlood". 

These guys are from Phoenix, Arizona as well, which makes me think of the Phoenix Suns. The NBA playing an important role in coronavirus. Think about Curry's injury too. 
Phoenix Suns=56
Think how the Sun is important to Corona and so on..
Phoenix Arizona=227(FB)

Funny too, if you look up Dr. Creep on Wiki it gives you a different guy with the name. 
Notice he died age 69. 
Dr. Creep=69
Barry Lee Hobart=69

This guy also made a video showing proof that he made it on New Years Eve 2012. Then he leaves this message in the comments to watch a 56 minute for the answers..haha. 
Toilet Paper=56
Funny how the Coronavirus got huge on New Years Eve too. 
New Years Eve=56, 142, 155
Coronavirus=56, 142, 155
Twenty Twenty=56
Interesting too that, 
Bubonic Plague=56

Of course the other video has Chinese in the Title and the description..where Coronavirus supposedly began. 
Coronavirus=142 and 155
In the video he talks about a meeting with the Illuminati and China Catching a Cold. He also says it's the reason he is sharing it in Chinese. 

He says the name of this project is called the Anglo Saxon Mission. He also mentions World War III. 
Anglo Saxon Mission=239
Illuminati=239(FB) and 69. 
World War III=69
New World Order=69
Dr Creep=69

Adolf Hitler=239(FB)
I'm just discovering some interesting phrases in gematria..
One World Government=239
Wall Street=187(FB) and 187(rFB)

At the end of the video they play a clip of a guy saying Aliens were actually humans from the future...but the big secret was we have the ability to manipulate the world around us...we just don't know it yet...and if it's done without understanding it would create know just how it's explained in books about Magic too. 

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  1. Lets unite the people and come out victorious!! We can all be mercenaries or whatever we need to be!! Im in arizona lets unite the ppl.