Monday, April 27, 2020

Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live story-The same connection to my previous Blog Post-Duck/Pink Theme

I now see a story about Saturday Night Live and Miley Cyrus in the same section as the "Duck Dynasty" story. 
The whole section about the Duck theme that I am writing about is also important to SNL. I had just wrote about Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon with it all too. 
What's even stranger is that I mentioned how the shooter at Duck Dynasty had the same birthday as me. He is exactly 1 year older than me....Now I'm looking up Miley Cyrus and she shares the exact birthday as my girlfriend. 11/23/1992.

All of this was important to the date of 2/15 in 2019 when I got a YouTube strike that lasted until 5/16. 
Saturday Night Live=215

I'm only mentioning this again because the date of 2/15 is important to the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the university was founded on 2/15. 
2019 was the 150th anniversary...
Lincoln Nebraska=150
Miley Cyrus=150
SNL=150(Jewish and Satanic)
This was all after the Rams were in the Super Bowl synced up to Nebraska/Teen Wolf. 

This comes 157 days after Miley's bday. 
Miley Ray Cyrus=157
Today is 4/27...
Saturday Night Live=427(FB) and 244(FB)
I learned the importance of Francis Bacon ciphers last year around this narrative. 

What else is interesting is that she covered, PINK Floyd. Remember the Pink symbolism is related to the Duck symbolism..Molly Ringwald/Pretty in Pink/ YouTube strike was from a clip of the Breakfast Club I used. 

I'm not going to re-explain it all. 

Miley also broke up with Liam Hemsworth on 8/11 last year...just after I went to the JoJo Siwa concert in Omaha and documented about Hannah Montana. 

Today there was also a major explosion in Earling, Iowa at the gas station. I didn't document about Earling last yesterday, because It wasn't necessarily essential in what I was explaining...Buffy and Haile Selassie were synced the number 310...that's why Nipsey Hussle has an Ethiopian name and everything associated with him was about Marathon's. Recall the Marathon symbolism was also important to the Exorcism in Earling, Iowa. 
I just find it funny that I was thinking about this town yesterday and I didn't want to steer too far off topic in what I was writing so I didn't include it. 

Earling Standard=310(FB)

I'll have to think more on this stuff. I've been really motivated with this book lately though, so I haven't been blogging I had a ton of other things going on such as the death of my aunt. 

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