Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tiger Woods headline story on ESPN today-201-last year had a Tiger Theme too

Look at that...ESPN has a headline article about Tiger Woods right now. 
Tiger Woods enjoys Masters Champions Dinner "Quarantine Style". 

Quarantine Style=201
They have to be mocking us with this lol. 

Think about Tiger King being important to 22 as well. 

Tiger won last years Masters 22 years after his first Masters. It was also 11 years after his last Majors win. 
The Master Numbers are 11 and 22. 

What else is interesting is how I mentioned Tiger's connection to Kobe Bryant. This story comes 54 days after Tiger made the Eagle Putt tribute to Kobe Bryant. 
Tiger Woods=54
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Seeing the college football picture also reminds me of a comment someone left the other day. 
LSU Tigers beat the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship this year. 

Last year around this same time I was talking about a Tiger/Lion theme too. 
The Tigers of Tamil possibly attacking Sri Lanka...
I noticed this because someone commented about it as well...

This makes me think that it's not just about Tigers as I mentioned in the previous post. 
Cat=6 and 24

I also wonder about Mike Tyson and the film, "The Hangover"...Mike Tyson's Tiger in the Bathroom....

Tyga the rapper who was with Blac CHYNA at one point...

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  1. Fast of Tisha B'Av
    The Tiger at the Gates
    Romans lay seige to Jerusalem