Monday, April 6, 2020

Chernobyl radiation levels spike-Ukraine

I just went to CNN and this was one of the top stories. 
Chernobyl radiation levels spike as forest fires rage. 
Just interesting considering Chernobyl is part of Ukraine, which I just documented about. 


  1. The Fire in Chernobyl started last weekend on 4/4/2020 and 4/5/2020.
    In Islamic Calendar it was 8/10/1441 and 8/11/ Tisha Bav 2019.
    Last year on 8/10/ and 8/11/2019 we had an nuclear Explosion in Russia.....Chenobyl means Wormwood...Wormwood is mentioned in Revelation 8:11.
    The Geiger counter on CNN showed the number 0.34...from 8/11/2019 to 4/5/2020 is 34 weeks

  2. from yesterday to my Birthday 8/25 is 141 days (811=141.Prime)