Sunday, April 19, 2020

Claire noticing more eyeballs on her YouTube videos-Skyrim video game

I'm sitting here researching a somehow this article about Intertexuality came up. I was reading about it and it's similar to connecting the dots with signs/symbols...I then started reading more about semiotics and so on....I also thought it was funny they used the song "Roar", Eye of the Tiger, and "We are the Champions" in this example. Remember Rocky III wanted to have Queens "Another One Bites the Dust" but instead used "Eye of the Tiger". Also Katy Perry sings, "Eye of the Tiger....I am a Champion".....

Anyway as I'm looking at this Claire says hey Dan, look at the eyeball in the back of this girls bedroom. They then mention the number 13 a bunch of times in the video. I said of course as there are supposedly 13 Illuminati Families and so on...
When I went to the video, of course it's that same channel from before with the girl wearing the Queen shirt. I feel like I talked about this girl in a Queen Shirt before, but I must not have put that on my blog? 

Funny earlier today too, Claire's uncle Kodee was playing some game on Xbox called "Skyrim" and one of the doors he had to open was the "All Seeing Eye"...she then told me it's funny cause the game is about "Magic". 

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