Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tiger King show on Netflix during Coronavirus-The real scripted story of Joe Exotic's attempted murder on Carole Baskin

I've been seeing this Tiger King like crazy from people all over. 
Tiger KING got popular because of the quarantined people watching Netflix apparently. 

Notice Joe Exotic was sentenced to 22 years for the attempted murder of Carole Baskin on the 22nd day of 2020. 
Carole Baskin=79
The 22nd Prime is 79. 

Joe Exotic=43 and 137
Notice he was sentenced 43 days before his bday and 137 days before Caroles? 

The show went on Netflix 79 days before Carole Baskin's bday too. 
Carole Baskin=218(FB)
Note that in a non leap year March 20th is the 79th day of the year too. 

Joe Exotic got sued by Carole over the Big Cat Rescue company. 
Notice he was sentenced 79 days after the anniversary of Big Cat Rescue. 
Big Cat Rescue=211
Carole Baskin=47
Joe Exotic=47
Big Cats=47
The 47th prime is 211. 

He was also originally arrested for this on September 7th or 7/9. 

A few days ago we got a story of him suing for $79 million while in jail too. 

What else I find interesting is that last year we were talking a lot about the Lion symbolism and World Lion Day being on Tisha B'Av(8/10). 
Notice that International Tiger Day is on 7/29 every year...this means that the upcoming one is also on the day Tisha B'Av begins. Also NASA's anniversary..

Event 201...Apollo/Moon stuff all about 201..
Tiger Woods? 
July 29th is the 211th day this year and leaves 155 days. 

Tiger King: Murder Mayhem, Madness=2020(eng ext)

I also wonder about Joe Exotic's bday being on 3/5 which was the 65th day leaving 301 this year. 
Pandemic=65 and 301(FB)
Bill Gates bday normally on the 301st day of the year. He will be 65 in 2020.......Philadelphia's anniversary in 2020(10/27) will be the 301st day leaving 65..
Philadelphia=65 and 201(FB)
Event 201 was 65 days after Melinda Gate's bday. 
It was 201 days before 5/6 or 6/5. 
National Emergency on 3/13 which is the 65th prime. 

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