Monday, April 27, 2020

Synchronicity with Duck theme-Duck Dynasty star drive by shooting

I am sitting here writing all about the Duck theme and the number 516 leading up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer being on the Big Bang Theory's final episode on 5/16. 
I stopped for a bit and looked at CNN and of course this was a headline story....A drive by shooting towards Willie Robertson's house...the guy from DUCK Dynasty. 

Notice the shooter shares my first name and birthday..He was arrested 5 months 16 days after our birthdays. 

Daniel King Jr.=60
Duck Dynasty=60

The actual shooting took place 166 days after our birthdays. This number was also important in the events leading up to what I was writing about. It had to do with Mary Poppins/The Umbrella Man/Montagraph and 166. 

The Big Bang Theory=166
Seventy Three=166

I've never watched the show...I do remember it was important to the Super Bowl 48 and a Kill Phil theme I had noticed....Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince died....Phil Robertson was in the media from Duck Dynasty...Philip Phillips was singing a song for the Super Bowl pregame when they announced Philip Seymour Hoffman had died....
I wonder about this further considering just below the Duck Dynasty's a story of DJ Jazzy Jeff known for the Fresh Prince. 

Philip has to do with Horses....Prince Philip... 

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  1. 73rd day of year Trump declared National Emergency
    166th day of year is 6/14