Friday, April 3, 2020

Bill Withers death in relation to Kobe Bryant and Coronavirus

Bill Withers actually died on 3/30, but the media waited until today 4/3 to tell us. 
I honestly wonder if this is connected to the Austin Powers stuff I have been documenting about. 
Withers wrote the song "Just the Two of Us"....which is also important to the Fresh Prince/Will Smith. 

They reveal his death the same day it's announced Kobe will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame too. 
Just wondering considering he died age 81. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=81
Withers dies in Los Angeles...

He dies 3 months 4 days before his bday..also 96 days. 
Remember the number 34 is super important with Kobe..
Think of the date April 3rd too...4/3 or 3/4. 

It's also interesting Bill Withers didn't die from coronavirus amongst the hysteria..
Bill Withers=56 and 70
Coronavirus=56 and 70

William Harrison Withers Jr=157
Kobe Bryant=157..dies 157 days after his bday. 
Another thing is that Wither's final bday was on the 243rd anniversary of the United States. 
United States=157
Kobe Bean Bryant=243
April 3rd also leaves 272 days in the year. 
Bill Withers=272(FB)

In light of Coronavirus and the King reminds me of 2015 when Ben E. King died and then 2 weeks later B.B. King died...both remind me of Withers to an extent. Or I guess just famous old black musicians. 


  1. Seven7One1 and I have this count going with the Venus transit of 1769 that was immediately followed by an eclipse. That was on June 3rd and all Venus transits are inferior conjunctions of Venus. The next one will be on June 3rd which is exactly 251 years after the 1769 Venus transit. Basketball = 251 Jewish. Kobe died 2510 days into Francis' papacy. 251 the 54th prime. Venus = 54. Kobe dies a week before SB 54.

  2. Here's the video where he talks about the importance of the 1769 Venus transit. Basically it encodes Revelation 12.

  3. 243 days is the rotational period of Venus