Sunday, April 19, 2020

Samuel L. Jackson reads Stay the Fuck at Home on Jimmy Kimmel-Tiger/Moon Theme

Samuel L. Jackson read this book on Jimmy Kimmel called "Stay the Fuck at Home" with Tigers on the front. Notice the cover for Jungle Fever in the Background looks much like tiger stripes too. 
Samuel L. Jackson=222
Stay the Fuck at Home=201

What no one is pointing out as far as I know is that the word "Fuck" is being censored by a Full Moon. Remember International Tiger Day falls on Tisha B'Av and the anniversary of NASA this year. 2020 is important to the Moon landing as it's the 51st anniversary. 
The Moon landing on 7/20 which is typically the 201st day.
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
Buzz Aldrin born on 20/1. 
Buzz Aldrin=56=Coronavirus

This is why Pink's son Jameson MOON Hart was in the Tiger Jacket just after the Pink MOON. 

Also on this episode Samuel L. Jackson talks about his cancelled vacation with Magic Johnson. 
Magic Johnson=56
Of course the guy famous for having HIV, another important Virus in history. Plus he's connected to the Lakers/Kobe/King stuff. 

Notice the guy who wrote the book was born on 7/1 and Samuel L. Jackson is currently 71 too. 
This makes me think of a few's the day Princess Diana was born. 
Diana the goddess of the MOON. 
I mention this as well considering Jimmy Kimmel's bday is 11/13 which is the anniversary of the Paris Attacks. 

Apollo=71 and 91
This happened on Jimmy Kimmel 91 days before 7/1. 

Samuel L. Jackson also born on 12/21...Winter Solstice...Mayan Calendar...8/27/2020(Ethiopian Calendar)


  1. Jordan is 57. Moon = 57. His documentary premiers on the first day of Taurus. Venus may rule Taurus but only one planet is exalted in Taurus at that's the Moon specifically at 33° of the ecliptic. 2nd sign degree 3. 23

  2. Jordan born 23 days into a Rabbit Year. Documentary releases 144 weeks to the next Rabbit Year in '23.

  3. He did Space Jam with Bugs Bunny. The Rabbit is a huge Moon symbol

  4. Last Year the Movie "Apocalypse Now Final Cut" came out....there is a Tiger Scene in the Movie too and Martin Sheen is wearing Tigerstripe Camouflage.
    This Camouflage Patern became since the release of the Movie in 2019 very popular and several Companies in the Military Industry came out with new Products in Tigerstripe.

  5. Samuel Jackson is also narrating a series on Shaq