Sunday, April 12, 2020

Pink talking about Coronavirus on Ellen Show-Her son wearing a Tiger jacket-Other Guest David Spade Talking about Tiger King

I was looking at Zach's blog and he posted about the Pink Coronavirus thing. The CNN article did not have this picture of her son in the Tiger jacket lol, or else I would have instantly picked up on it. 
Notice her son's name too..
Jameson MOON Hart. 
This story came a few days after the PINK Moon too. 
International Tiger Day is Tisha B'Av and also the anniversary of NASA. 

Pink=22 and 76(FB)
Remember all of the 22 around Tiger King. 
Pink's bday is 50 days after the Moon landing anniversary. Also 1 month 19 days. 
Pink=50 and 119(Jewish)

With the end date it's 51 days 51 days after the 51st anniversary of the moon landing. 

The moon landing 5 months 6 days after her son's bday too. 

Even better when you look up the actual Ellen episode, the other guest was David Spade talking about Tiger King. 

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  1. Pink represents the color of love and is associated with Venus
    Venus associated with the Moon

    Venus is the Morning Star or Jewel of the sky representing evolution and illumination of the soul
    Also known as the Egg Moon

    Aurora and Ishtar are same
    Goddess of dawn and light

    Ishtar = Esther = Easter

    Pink Moon represents coming of Spring

    Why Trump said it was an important weekend
    Symbolic rebirth of coming AntiChrist

    Ishtar rode on a Tiger
    (wasn't a lion)
    As per India had no lions
    Of course Queen Victoria was Empress of India and the Koh-i-Noor diamond (crown jewel)