Sunday, April 12, 2020

Edmonton Oilers player Colby Cave dies-Coronavirus-Iran-Oil

The Oilers player dies during the time of Coronavirus and the cheapest Oil/Gas since the 1990's and before? 
Colby Cave=155
Coronavirus=155, 142, 70, 56
Edmonton Oilers=70

Remember just before Coronavirus got huge there was the drama with Iran who supposedly bombed the Saudi Oil Fields back in September. All of that was important to Canada, which is why Justin Trudeau did Arabian(Black Face). Also the Ukraine plane that got shot down in Iran had a bunch of Canadians and so on..
The name CAVE also reminds me of Osama bin Laden. 

colloid cyst=47
Colby Cave=47


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  2. I found some more numbers on Colby Cave
    He wore number 25 for the Providence Bruins
    Death =25
    He wore number 12 for the Oilers
    Dead on the 102nd day of the year
    He weighed 201 pounds like event 201 and reflection of 102
    National hockey league = 102
    His birthday was 107 days prior to his death
    Ritual sacrifice = 107

    Colby Cave = 88-34-47
    NHL = 34-47-(88 English Extended) & 11 dead on April 11th
    Oilers also won the cup in 88 and had 25 losses that season

  3. Also if you spell out Twenty-five you get 121 (ro)