Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coronavirus and the connections to Queen Elizabeth II-Also Death of Joe Diffie-John Deere-My Grandpa

I was looking at "Coronavirus" in the Francis Bacon ciphers and interesting it sums to 168(rFB). 
Think how Corona means Crown...
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Elizabeth=181(FB) and 155

The original date it began was 131 days, or a span of 132 days before her bday. 
Prince Charles=131
Princess Diana=132
So on...

They now say the patient zero was 142 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 

The original date was also 56 days before Elizabeth's 68th anniversary of being Queen. 
Royal Family=56
Prince Charles=68
Think how Kanye West is important and has the bday of 6/8. 
Donald John Trump=68
Pope Francis=68(s)

It's also interesting that 56 days after Elizabeth's bday is 6/16. 
6/16 is the 168th day in 2020. 
6/16 is also interesting as it's upside down 9/19 which is the date I have talked about her possibly dying on since 2014/2015. 

6/16 is also 131 days after her anniversary being queen...also a span of 132 days. 

It's also interesting in regards to the word Corona being important to the Sun that's 93 million miles away. 
Wuhan Coronavirus=93
Queen Elizabeth II was 93 years old when this started and is still currently 93. 

Then Country singer Joe Diffie dies 93 days(end date) after his bday. 

The reason I'm putting this in this post is the FB Gematria of Coronavirus. 
The 61st prime is 283. 
Diffie dies age 61. 

There is a bigger narrative with Joe Diffie that I don't quite understand yet. Literally every time I DJ I play the song "John Deere Green" by Diffie. I don't know why, but out of country songs this one has always been a hit with the crowds around here...along with "Sold". 

Anyway I further know it's important because my grandpa died synced to Coronavirus and he was the biggest John Deere fan of all time. All of the grandkids were supposed to wear a John Deere shirt to his wake, but for the life of me I couldn't find one anywhere in my size. It didn't really matter though as coronavirus made his funeral stuff all messed up. I mean they live streamed it on Facebook, because they wouldn't let more than 10 people in the church and so on...

I just think there is something important to John Deere, or possibly it's the color Green with Diffie and my Grandpa...

John Deere Green=263(FB) and 65
The 56th prime is 263. 
King Charles III=263(FB)
Notice the song came out in 93' as well. 

Joe Diffie=48 and 136(FB)
John Deere=48 and 136(FB)

Bobby's Joe Diffie and Jason Aldean Post
Bobby also has a great post on the connection to Jason Aldean's song "1994" in which he sings about Joe Diffie. 
I'm also curious because of Diffie's song, "Bigger than the Beatles". Remember 2020 is important to Charles Manson/Helter Skelter and the Beach Boys. 

Charles Manson=142

House of Windsor=239(FB) and 243(FB)
Could we see the end of the House of Windsor in the 244th year of the Illuminati and US? Or just before considering the 243? 
It's in it's 102nd year currently. 

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