Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Detroit Tigers player "Al Kaline" AKA "Mr. Tiger" dead at age 85-Rocky Colavito-624-King Charles

Really? Now a famous Detroit TIGER dies? Al Kaline aka "Mr. Tiger". 
He played for 22 seasons. 
Think how Tiger King was important to 22. 

Albert Kaline=110 and 79
The 22nd prime is 79. 
He died 110 days after his bday. 

What I am curious about is how much I've documented about Rocky Colavito over the years. Remember the curse is because he was traded to the Detroit Tigers. Notice Rocky Colavito played with Al Kaline and even caused Kaline to move to Centerfield. 

Think how Rocky Colavito's bday is 8/10...the same day Tisha B'Av began last year....International Tiger Day is on 7/29 which is when Tisha B'Av begins this year. 

Also in light of Coronavirus and the Royal Symbolism...
Remember how 624 is important to Prince Charles.
King Charles III=624(satanic)
Charles bday is 6 months 24 days after Elizabeth's. 
6/24 is the day Freemasonry was founded..
6/24 is when Grover CLEVELAND died in 1908...just before the Cubs last won a World series before winning over the Indians in 2016. 

Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic)
Aroldis Chapman=624(satanic)..
Chapman born the exact day that Harvey Kuenn died...Harvey the guy traded for Rocky. 

I've been following the Indians to be in the 116th World Series if there is such a thing this year. 

Remember in light of "Tiger"=201...this number also important to Pope Francis...
6/24 is the 175th day. 
Pope Francis=175

To further my suspicion...Al Kaline died 79 days before 6/24.. 

He died age 85. 


  1. Dan with all the royal themes in the media, I find it interesting that on 6/18/18 (super 6 date), Trump was on the cover of time magazine wearing a crown, and the caption said "king me". I noticed that this coming April 14th (14/4) will be 666 days after that magazine came out. Time = 144. I guess we will see if anything goes down that day relating to that.

    Side notes: I saw an article in New York times about the judge in the Rodney KING case died

    CNN published a story today about a 23 year old killed by a shark in QUEENSland, Australia.

    And on March 30th, they said a Spanish PRINCESS by the name of Maria Teresa.

    So yeah, the royal and tiger themes are just crazy right now. Thought I'd bring that stuff to your attention to see if you can connect any more dots.

  2. Look up the gematria Q is satan and tiger king