Sunday, January 7, 2018

Alex Trebek's brain surgery-synchronicity since exposing Jeopardy last year-Family Guy season 4 and Simpsons episode 52(season 3 ep. 17)

One of the main news stories on 1/4 that I saw was Alex Trebek announcing he had Brain Surgery. It's just funny as I posted about Jeopardy earlier in the morning and then we got this story later in the day. 
He's 77 years old....
A perfect age for "Brain Surgery"=77(rev red)

The Surgery was actually on 12/15 which is 7 months 7 days before Trebek's bday. 
What I also find interesting that this story comes 166 days after his birthday. Remember how all of these synchronicity things that have been ramped up in my life were after posting about Jeopardy. 166 was a big number that I was talking about with it. The person who made a blog mocking this blog supposedly started it because of my Jeopardy videos. 
James Jumper=166(reverse)
This was just before I discovered the significance of "Reverse Gematria"=166
Also funny that..
James Jumper=41(reduced)
Jeopardy=41(rev red)
This story of Trebek comes on 1/4 or 4/1. 

CNN decides to tell us the Rich Dauer retired Astros coach had the same surgery after falling before the World Series Parade. 

Richard Dauer=65
He's currently 65 years old. 

They mention him in this Trebek article 65 days(end date) after the Astros won the World Series. 

I've also been documenting how there is a connection to Family Guy and the Simpsons to a lot of the things I keep documenting. I notice Alex Trebek is on only a few episodes of Family of them being Season 10 episode 12....Remember the Simpsons episode season 10 episode 12 was important to what I was talking about last year with all they synchronicities. 
Another episode Trebek is in is "Family Guy Viewer Mail # 1". It sticks out because I made a video in 2015 about this episode and the possibility of Queen Elizabeth dying and a bunch about the # 52.....On "Livin on a Prayer" they do a joke at the end of the episode about "When will Queen Elizabeth die"?. On the Jeopardy part of the episode Peter says King Louis XII....if you look him up he died age 52. Wikipedia wouldn't load the 52nd episode of Family Guy...
It also says that King Louis XII was allowed to get his marriage annulled by the Pope...He later married King Henry VIII's sister Mary Tudor....just funny as Henry VIII wasn't allowed to get divorced by the Pope. Louis XII was originally married to his first cousin Joan as well like many of the royals who married their cousins. 

The picture shown above is from the episode "I take thee Quaqmire"...notice the question Trebek asks is about "Space". Last year just before covering Jeopardy I was talking about a Space theme...then John Glenn and Eugene Cernan died.....I saw we got the death of John Young 1/5/18 now too. 

Something I just really noticed was that recently and last year most of the episodes I have been led to watch are all in season 4 of Family Guy. 
Season 4. ep. 20 was the episode where Peter was the Space Cowboy...
I've covered "Don't Make Me Over" multiple times this year...
The Fat Guy Strangler....Jackie Gleason...
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High...

I'm not sure what the purpose is...
Family Guy Season Four=261(reverse)
Funny as I keep saying I'm not sure of the purpose of 261 too lol. 

Also in November this year I said I think a major theme they are using is a Cowboy theme and the themes connected in November usually sync with the next years world series......Interesting the year before it was "Space".....Space and then Cowboy....

The 52nd episode of The Simpsons is also season 3 episode 17....
Earlier this year 317 and the Simpsons was important...

I notice the family wearing hats with Cowboys on them in the episode too. 

It then shows the score of 5-2. 

Interesting this episode is about baseball too in regards to the Cowboys theme...I mentioned possibly we will see the Rangers in the 114th world series. 
Texas Rangers=52


  1. Treble often spoofed on SNL with Will Ferrell. Also Steve Miller Band did the song Fly Like an Eagle And Space Cowboy relating to your two most recent posts. Simpsons Homer sang Space Cowboy serenading Marge..