Friday, January 19, 2018

Family Guy Synchronicity while at hospital for the birth of my son

My son was born yesterday(1/17/18). We are still at the hospital but earlier I went home to do some things. I also took Claire to her grandma's so she can go to school tomorrow, but I grabbed my laptop as well. 
Anyway last night my friend called me as he seen the baby came and what not. I answered it and talked to him in the hallway for 
about an hour. When I came back into the hospital room everyone else was sleeping. I figured I'd just sit down and watch tv and try to get some sleep also as it was a long day. 
So I sit down and look at the TV and the picture above is the first thing I see. The doctor then says "It's a boy". 
It wasn't on some special channel that's all about child birth either it was a random episode of Family Guy. 

The picture from above is from a season 4 episode of Family Guy...haha go figure...I've been saying Season 4 of Family Guy has some significance in this syncs I keep a new episode...

Notice though that it's the 72nd episode as well. 

The 72nd episode and my new sons name equals 72 frontward and backwards. 
Zamien Behrendt=72(red) and 72(rev red)

The friend who called me and I talked to just before this happened was Cody Green. 
Notice his full name is almost identical to my sons first and last name. 
Cody James Green=63, 72(rev red) 144, 234(reverse)
I even talked to Cody about Gematria last night. He doesn't fully understand it, but he always listens and knows that I'm not crazy. He even called me a while back telling me about some numbers stuff that he noticed in his life and had to tell me about it. He said his girlfriend told him he was crazy and what not lol. 

My son's middle name also just so happens to be James just like Cody's middle name. 
We let his name come naturally too, and I didn't name him by Gematria. We named him Zamien because our daughter Claire had said we should name him that one day when we were talking about names. We all thought it sounded cool....Like Damien but with a "Z". 
The James was brought up by my girlfriends mom, because she thought it had a good ring to it. Then when her brother named James(my girlfriends uncle) died in November we figured we would use it. 

Someone even commented on my post about my girlfriends uncle and said it happens to their family as well. Then say 117 was a recurring number. Interesting in regards to 1/17...

His full name is interesting too. I've talked a ton about the Jesuits most of the year and his name is seemingly connected to them. 
Zamien James Behrendt=84, 321(reverse)
He was born 3 months 21 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 

Also I'm interested that he was born on 1/17....
My grandma died 1 month 17 days before my bday this year on 9/24. So that also means his bday is 9 months 24 days before mine. 
Ellie Murphy=144(my grandma's name)
Zamien Behrendt=144
Also my girlfriends name...
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117(rev red)

The Family Guy episode above also came out on 3/26....remember the Gabriel number..I even said was somehow connected to my girlfriend being pregnant lol. It's just hilarious to me seeing this stuff and how it never ends. 
Family Guy=124
Zamien was born at 1:24pm and his due date was 1/24. 
Sibling Rivalry is the episode name....
Sibling=72, 117(reverse)

Just after the girl having the baby it goes to a scene with Sylvester Stallone and Tony Danza....Just interesting as I've made a ton of videos in regards to Stallone and Philadelphia...he's even talking about BIRD Houses...

There's also a scene where they do a joke about Vowels...
AEIOU and sometimes Y....
AEIOU=24, 30(rev red)
Vowels=24, 30(rev red)


  1. Congratulations to you & your family on your new baby boy. All the best.

  2. Congrats Dan! I'd be disappointed if there WASN'T some wild synchronicity with the birth of your child. This definitely qualifies.