Monday, January 15, 2018

Simpsons said, "It's a Miracle" right after I posted my last blog about "Miracle".

I really have to get some sleep, but I just posted about "Miracle". Right after I posted it I turned on SlingTv on my computer. I rolled over and closed my eyes to go to bed and I heard the TV say "It's a Miracle" was this Simpsons episode. 

I'll try and watch the episode when I get time, but interesting it mentions this guy being the Hobo and not Jim Carrey...
Notice he was born on 4/25....the same day Sasha Lakovic died and the day after Michael Mantenuto died....It also says he played in "A night at the museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". 

How interesting I turned on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb on SlingTv....not the same movie but makes me wonder. I've never seen the Simpson's episode, the Film Miracle, or either of the Night at the Museums on this possibly a clue in these films. Not enough time to watch em all though. 

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