Sunday, January 14, 2018

Space Cowboy Simpsons episode that aired after Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville

Since the Steelers lost I figured I would see if the Jacksonville Jaguars were on anything connected to the Simpsons or Family Guy. Of course a connection to a Simpsons episode I documented about last year..This was the Super Bowl after the Janet Jackson boob incident too. When they had the Beatle perform..(Charles Manson stuff). 

I forgot Kid Rock also performed in SB 38 with Timberlake and Jackson...even had controversy about desecrating the FLAG with his outfit. 

Interesting Jacksonville was where Homer got to arrange the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl in the episode Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass....

This episode has the fireworks that put the Cowboy hat in the sky making us think of "Space Cowboy". 
Notice the episode aired the same day the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl 39. SB 39 the only Super Bowl to be played in Jacksonville as well. 
The Bridge symbolism is heavy but I like I noted last year it doesn't always mean that team is gonna win. 

Space Cowboys came out on 8/1 too. lol how did I not see that before? 
Keifer Sutherland's father Donald in the film...Kiefer in Young Guns and so on...
Also the film is directed and produced and stars Clint Eastwood. 

I discovered some new stuff the other night that I haven't posted yet on the blog. Clint Eastwood stars in the Bridges of Madison County...Stand By Me important to the Train BRIDGE. Also STANDING not Kneeling.  
EdRod left a bunch of great comments about this. 
Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle-Space Cowboy Old Post
Just posting this here to find it the link above I mention Lindsay Lohan in the film Herbie....She's wearing the shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge and a Blood Moon on it......on 1/31 this year we will get the 1st blood moon since the Tetrad/Pope Francis visit to Philadelphia and so on..

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