Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mary Tofflemire calls into the Gematria Effect again after I talked about her in my video last night.

So I'm sitting here in the process of writing a blog post about a letter I got in the mail today from the Catholic Church. I had to work until 10 tonight, so I started listening to the replay of the Gematria Effect while sitting here. Mary Tofflemire called back in again tonight and told a bunch more about her life. Such as her brother the former Center for the Seahawks. Remember how I posted about her a while back because she was talking about her Pet Pig and I was sitting next to two stuffed animal pigs that my daughter had told me to watch while she was sleeping. My daughter told me they were my Pet pigs...
The reason I'm making this blog post is because last night I started a video about Jeopardy, but I didn't finish it. My girlfriend came downstairs and I stopped for about a half hour and then realized it was 4 in the morning. I figured I would finish it tonight cause I needed to sleep. 
Notice what I brought up in the video just before ending it though...I talked about the synchronicity with the lady Mary on the Gematria Effect and my Pet Pigs. Now she randomly calls in again tonight? I mean that's pretty strange she would call in again just after I mention it in my unfinished video. 
Haha seriously since putting the above video on the blog it changed the format to "Center" aligned. I kept thinking why is the typing all messed up...Well it's Centered....just life Mary Tofflemire was talking about Seahawks Centers. 
In the post about Mary Tofflemire at the end I even mentioned the How Bout Dat Girls music video. 
This is interesting because I uploaded this video to Youtube this afternoon before I went to work, but haven't published it yet cause I wanted to add some links in the description. 

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