Friday, January 26, 2018

Lynyrd Skynyrd announce Farewell Tour-Philadelphia-Happy Gilmore-Joe Dirt 2

Interesting how I mentioned I thought Johnny Van Zant may die this Lynyrd Skynyrd announces it's Farewell Tour...
Think about these guys too in regards to the Confederate FLAG. 
The Super Bowl all about the FLAG symbolism....Free Bird..

This news comes 333 days(end date) after Johnny Van Zant's bday..
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
2015 the 333rd year of Philadelphia. 
Confederate Flag=333(Jewish)
Remember a lot of the Confederate Flag drama in 2015 too? 
South=52(reverse) and 25(rev red)

The only founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd is Gary Rossington. 
Gary Robert Rossington=117(rev red) and 261
Jacksonville, Florida=117(rev red)

The tour begins on 5/4...
Fifty Four=117
Sweet Home Alabama=54
Fly Eagles Fly=54

What's funny is I documented about Dustin Diamond yesterday because of a David Spade movie...I think of Joe Dirt a lot when I think of Lynyrd Skynyrd and I even said I was trying to rewatch Joe Dirt part 2 not too long ago. In that movie he meets Skynyrd before they were famous and realizes Ronnie Van Zant is going to die. 
Neil Diamond retiring...Now Skynyrd.....
Joe Dirt=81 also 326(satanic)
David Wayne Spade=81(rev red)
I'm gonna have to sit down and actually watch the film now lol..
I turned it on a few nights ago and I remember I heard him say something about Birds, but I was busy doing something else and forgot about it. 
Notice Spade born on 7/22 though....
Johnny Van Zant born on 2/27....

Steve Harris=54
I wish I could remember for sure, but a bar owner I know died on 11/13 this year. I swear that Lynyrd Skynyrd came and played at his bar/street dance a few years back. One time my band played at the bar and I remember when playing Sweet Home Alabama he told us to sing "Sweet Home Soldier, Iowa"....Just strange I have them memories of him....
Anyway he died on 11/13 which was 227 days before his bday...He also died age 65. 
Lynyrd Skynyrd=65(rev red)
227 is the 49th prime number. 
Free Bird=49=Revelation=Eagles
Twenty Two Divided by Seven=314
The Civil War came to an end in 1865....began in 61'
Philadelphia=65 and 61(rev red)

Interesting the Civil War began 156 years..9 months 23 days before Super Bowl 52...
False Flag=156(Jewish) 911 is the 156th prime and so on...
Think about that in regards to FLAG as well...
9/23 the Pope Day and media reporting of Trump calling out the Kneelers...
Farewell Tour=156

This post made me think about Tom Hanks in regards to Forrest Gump as named after Nathan B. Forrest who was an early leader of the KKK...Tom Hanks the main character in Philadelphia...I've always joked that Philadelphia was a prequel to Forrest Gump as it's hinted Jenny died of AIDS. This makes you assume Forrest Gump would have contracted it from her..Especially having a kid together...And in Philadelphia it's all about Hanks being gay and having AIDS..
In regards to Steve Harris too, I made a shirt years ago that said, "Forrest Gump Has Aids" and I remember after making it I wore it to one of the Street Dances they have at the bar every year. 

What else I find interesting is lately I've been bringing up the Happy Gilmore Comcast Center stuff again....Happy Gilmore begins with "Free Bird" playing....Also remember the the song playing at the end is "Tuesdays Gone"(Lynyrd Skynyrd)...It really doesn't make much sense as they have Chubbs with the Alligator and Abe Lincoln in heaven...yet the movie has nothing to do with Abe Lincoln. Also the Boy Ate by the alligator stuff I documented in 2016 connected to my life..Remember he died on Trumps bday(Flag Day)...Also Happy Gilmore is connected to the Bob Barker/Price is Right stuff I've documented....
Remember Happy moves in with his Grandma played by "Frances Bay"...Pope Francis...Bay Area?.....Remember earlier this year we got the arrest of Goldberg the Goalie with his 150 day jail sentence....The Mighty Ducks from Minnesota and Goldberg was supposed to move back to Philly, but then never does.."Philadelphia Eagles"=150. The Mighty Ducks coached by "Gordon Bombay"...Bomb Bay?

Remember Christopher McDonald(Shooter McGavin) was arrested around the World Series in 2017 too for DUI. 
Christopher McDonald also in the film "DUTCH". 
Darren Daulton(Dutch) played for Philadelphia...

Adam Sandler also in Pixels that shows Pac Man eating San Francisco, yet the film never goes to San Francisco. 
Happy Gilmore also wears the "Warriors" jersey in the beginning...but he's a huge fan of the BOSTON Bruins. 

Carl Weathers also in Predator with Arnold Scwarzenegger(California) and Jesse Ventura(Minnesota)....Also in Action Jackson with Vanity(Prince)...He also played for the Oakland(bay area) Raiders....Also went to San Francisco St. University. 

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