Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kobe Bryant's "Dear Basketball" nominated for Best Animated Short at 2018 Oscars

Kobe Bryant nominated for Best Animated Short "Dear Basketball" at the 2018 Oscars...
Notice today is 41 days(end date) before the Oscars. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Dear Basketball=41

Remember in Kobe's 60 point retirement game he came out with 4.1 seconds left too. 

Kobe has been in the news a lot this year because he's connected to the Eagles being in the Super Bowl. 
Super Bowl=41
Remember I keep saying everything is connected to what I was covering about Philadelphia in 2015....Kobe the Philadelphia Native....announced his retirement 33 days after the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. The next game the Lakers even played Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish) also 150
Remember Pope Francis first visited Philadelphia 863 days(end date) before Super Bowl LII...863 is the 150th prime number. 

Kobe's Jersey Retirement this year was 117 days after his bday....Also 1 month 17 days before the Super Bowl...
Kobe Bean Bryant=117(ep) and 243(reverse)
Interesting too as in 2015 a big piece was the connection to Golden State and Philadelphia and the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism. 
Golden State Warriors=117(rev red) and 243
Kobe's jersey retirement came while playing the GSW as well. 

If you include the End Date on the calculations above it's 118 both ways...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=118
Forty One=118

Also the Oscars coming on 3/4 or 4/3(March 4th) is fitting for a Kobe Bryant Story. Since before I knew gematria I was documenting 34 and 43 around Kobe Bryant. 
He tore his achilles age 34 and scored 34 points in that game. The Lakers got their 43rd win of the season in that game against the Warriors. Kobe came back from the injury 34 weeks later. Just before announcing his retirement the Warriors beat the Lakers by 34 points. Then in the 4th of 4 meetings in Kobe's retirement year Kobe made the score 3-4. The Lakers won getting "Byron Scott"=43 his 34th win. It was also the Warriors 61st game staying on 55 wins...."thirty four"=61. "Los Angeles"=55  Remember how Kobe couldn't play with # 34 Shaq......Kobe scored 81 points 43 years after Wilt's 100 point game. He scored his 81st point with 43.4 seconds left in the game. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red)
Think about the 81 in regards to the Bridge symbolism I've documented as well in regards to the Super Bowl...

There's a bunch more 34 I can't think of off the top of my head...I used to be a Laker fan and I noticed many times Kobe scored the 34th point in games. 

Haha...Lebron also surpassed Kobe today as the youngest player to reach 30,000 points.....Kobe did it age 34. 

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