Sunday, January 28, 2018

Asteroid may pass by Earth during Super Bowl 52-Death of Ingvar Kamprad Ikea Founder age 91

Potentially Hazardous=91 also 107(rev red)
91' was the year the Soviet Union collapsed ending the Space Race. 
The Super Bowl is held where the Vikings play..
10/1 is the day that leaves 91 days in the year(Las Vegas Shooting)
Also 4/1 is the 91st day of the year. 
Super Bowl=41
Ninety One=41
Also in regards to the Stock Market stuff....
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91
The Great Depression=91
In 2015 I kept mentioning how 91 was a "bad" number and possibly connected to the death of Queen Elizabeth II who is currently 91 years old.  Lot's of athletes getting injured with 91 and teams losing by the number 91 in 2015. 

The Super Bowl is on the 35th day of 2018. 

Some other stuff...
Asteroid=37 and 53(rev red)
Space Rock=37 and 53(rev red) and 91. 
Patriots=37 and 53(rev red)

Ninety One=49
Revelation 3:7 mentions Philadelphia. 

The Asteroid is coming as close as 2.6 million miles to the Earth..
26th prime is 101. 

While writing up this post I went to Facebook and saw this article about the IKEA founder dying age 91....

He died 303 days after his bday on 1/27. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota=303(reverse)
His bday was 30/3. 
Ikea founder=55, 62(rev red)
Minneapolis=55, 62(rev red)
Super Bowl LII=62

He also dies 62 days before his bday. 

Not for sure connected but in 2015 Back to the Future was important to the coding and to Philadelphia. The Film Back to the Future Part III ends on Philadelphia's 303rd anniversary....In 2015 the Cubs are supposed to win the World Series. 
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago, Illinois=91
Remember the Cubs got eliminated from the Playoffs on Back to the Future Day as well. 

IKEA=17, 26, 82(rev red) and 166(satanic)
Flag=17, 26, 82(rev red) and 166(satanic)

Ingvar Kamprad=81(rev red), 135
Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red), 135
The Key of David=135(Philadelphia)
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 135
One Hundred Thirty five=101(rev red)

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