Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Budweiser's 2018 Super Bowl Ad Will Focus on "WATER"-Stand By Me-Mormons-Gabriel/Noah-Wrestlemania 31

Stand By Me Budweiser Water Commercial Youtube Video

I was sitting here on the computer and my girlfriend said to me "This is the weirdest commercial ever". I looked up at the TV and it was a Budweiser commercial about Budweiser making Water...It also has a rendition of the song "Stand By Me" playing in the Background. 
I thought yeah that's pretty strange considering as much as I've talked about Water symbolism and the film Stand By Me...
Standing Up not Kneeling during the National Anthem. 
I looked it up and I guess Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad will focus on "Water". 

Remember this video about Awake Time w/ Jerry and the Theory  on stealing Water with the False Flags...It even mentions the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. 
Sutherland SPRINGS(water). Remember that shooting was connected to Stand By Me as well...
I can't link the video as Jerry's Youtube channel was deleted. 
Zach's short video in regards to it

The World Series was all about the Water symbolism...Astros win after the Houston Floods...
Trump-Water-Phoenix Lights Blog Post
Keystone Pipeline-Water is Life-Trump Needs a Drink of Water Post
Stand By Me-RIVER Phoenix Blog Post

What else stands out to me is that just last night I posted about Mormons again. Mormons were a big piece in 2016 in regards to the Native Americans and Standing Rock....
I read this last night but didn't think much of it until now....
Joseph Smith taught that Noah was Gabriel....
Now think about that in regards to all of the Angel Gabriel stuff I've mentioned in the last year....
Noah in regards to the FLOOD. 
Remember Genesis 8:3 tells the flood lasts 150 days..
World Series=150(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Flood=52......"Hurricane"=52, Harvey's final day was 9/2(Astros=92) which was 52 days before the World Series
Super Bowl 52.....BridgeWATER. Stand By Me Bridge scene....so much I've previously mentioned. 
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

Remember Budweiser changing their labeling to America on 5/23 before "Donald Trump"=523(satanic) won the Election. They changed it until the Election....
Make America Great Again.....

The Mormons all about the American Prophets until 421 AD.

Also the girl singing "Stand By Me" is Skylar Grey. I just talked about Ronda Rousey and Wrestlemania 31 with the Terminator Golden Gate Bridge stuff..... Skylar Grey performed at WM 31 and is even featured on the Theme Song "Rise" for WM 31. 
Her real name even has the HH initials. 

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