Sunday, January 7, 2018

Death of Jerry Van Dyke-Coach's Minnesota Screaming Eagles-Jacksonville Jaguars connection to Coach

His brother Dick got his start on "Bye Bye Birdie"..

It's interesting the article even mentions Bye Bye Birdie as Jerry's known for being on the TV show "Coach" that's about the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles...
Think about the Super Bowl this year in Minnesota...and the Bird stuff. 
Now the Falcons are going to play the Eagles....both birds
Remember in Family Guy  the "Bird" is the Word. I covered a lot of the bird stuff last year as well. Flipping the Bird...The Byrds song Turn Turn Turn and so on...
I just wonder if the "Screaming" part is good or bad for the Eagles. 

What's funnier to me is before I knew this guy died on Friday I had the song "We Love You Conrad" from Bye Bye Birdie in my head. My friend Pat's parents ordered a pizza and my boss said something in a way it reminded me of that song. Then later I had a band gig with Pat all on the same day Van Dyke dies...
Bye Bye Birdie=923(Jewish)

Bye Bye Birdie even mentioned in Season 4 of Family Guy on the episode "Petarded"....Once again a Season 4 Family Guy thing....Also on the Simpsons Season 10 episode the episode before the Falcons episode. 

Jerry Van Dyke=59
He dies 5 months 9 days after his bday. 

Think about his name and his characters name on Coach...
Luther Van Dam....
Van Dyke.....
A Dyke and a Dam both stop/slow Water Flow...
The real Minnesota State University is in Mankato, Minnesota....In regards to water, I remember as a kid watching people jump off waterfalls in Mankato..

Also with the "Van" in front of those words it reminds me of the Chris Farley "Van Down by the River" skit.. Notice that skit is claimed to be based off of Joel Maturi who was the former AD for the University of Minnesota. 

The main character on Coach was born on 4/4/44. 
Also was the dad on Poltergeist....

Bye Bye Birdie the film came out on 4/4 too. 

Ha and on the show Coach he later leaves to coach the fictional team the Orlando Breakers...They are based on the Jacksonville Jaguars. On the show the Breakers get a wildcard spot in their second season, but lose to the Buffalo Bills....In real life the Jaguars got a wildcard spot in their second season, but defeated the Bills and then lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game...

Interesting as today 1/7 the Jaguars just beat the Buffalo Bills too. 
If they beat the Steelers next week and the Patriots win, the could possibly lose to the Patriots in this years AFC Championship....
I'm interested to see how it plays out again. I'm still thinking Steelers vs Philadelphia as it seems so much is lined up with the Bridge symbolism/Flag/National Anthem, but we will see. With the exception of SB 49, the Super Bowl has always been something hard for me to see the full narrative until afterwards. 
The Steelers were who Tebow(original kneeler) was playing in his "316" game. Remember 316 was big in the death of Charles Manson whose Helter Skelter Theory is important to the kneeling this year. Philadelphia connected to the "Flag" as well. 
Plus the score of the game above was 10-3..
Steelers=103=Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stock market Crash=103(rev red)
The SB is 103 days after the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday. 
The Jesse James story in regards to Bank Robbery...I just can't see the Steelers losing unless I am missing the point of these main themes. 
I also see the highest point in Minnesota is "Eagle Mountain". 


  1. Dicks tv wife Mary T Moore’s show took place in Minneapolis. Dick was also the Main Character in Diagnosis Murder.. Craig T Nelson was also the Creep in Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves who in the alternate reality was his lawyer.. and son of Lucifer..

  2. Hey brother, good call with Pink.

  3. It's strange with all the "Bird" symbolism. I think it was Wednesday, MLB Network put out a new documentary called, "The Bird". It was about the Pitcher Mark Fidrych.

  4. Most golden globes went to Lady Bird..