Monday, January 22, 2018

Cher saying a woman does the job right Cnn headline Article

How awesome Cher is in the CNN headlines today. Remember how I mentioned her in regards to the Steelers and Jesse James that was all about 81....
Look at that.....we get an article about her 8 months 1 day after her bday. 
Steelers lose to Patriots-Jesse James-Cher Blog Post
Remember too in regards to my posts about Limp Bizkit and Korn.....Cher's son is the lead singer of the band Deadsy which came out in the Nu Metal type era.....They have the famous song "Key to Gramercy Park" and the Houston Rockets owner has a Key to Gramercy Park. 
Death of Gregg Allman-Free Bird a tribute to Duane Allman-Cher Death of Butch Trucks

Also remember Cher sang the national anthem at SB 33 when the Bird team (Falcons) lost......We got the death of Gregg Allman this year who Cher was married to at one point.....The song "Free Bird" is a tribute to Duane Allman.....Now we got the Eagles the "Bird" against the Patriots in the Super Bowl....
Lynryd Skynrd also a Jacksonville Band...The Patriots just beat Jacksonville....Allman brothers have ties to Jacksonville....Limp Bizkit the Jacksonville Band...We'll see if Johnny Van Zant bites the dust later this year as I think he might. 

Anyway in regards to Cher and this article it makes sense...
Spreading the lie that voting matters. 

Interesting too in regards to Women's Suffrage....The 19th Amendment was 8/18/1920 and the NFL was founded on 8/20/1920.  

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