Saturday, January 27, 2018

DeMarcus Cousins tears Achilles-Death of Chyna Thomas-King symbolism-Kobe Bryant

DeMarcus Cousins tears his achilles tonight.....Kobe Bryant has been big this season and he had the same injury....
Kobe Bean Bryant=81....81 point game..
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=81

Notice how Cousins hurt his achilles with 8.1 seconds left in the game...Look at the score too. 
109 to 113
Los Angeles=109
Kobe Bryant=113
Dear Basketball=113 
Cousins nicknamed "Boogie"=109(reverse)
DeMarcus Cousins=58
Kobe Bryant=58

He gets hurt on 1/26...
New Orleans=126
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=126(rev red)

He tears his Achilles 156 days after Kobe's 39th bday...
Also 167 days after his own bday. 

Remember last year Cousins went to the Pelicans and the first game he played with them was against the Rockets who he got hurt against. Also the first team the Pelicans beat with him on the team was the Lakers. 
Also his connection the Kings was connected Isaiah  Thomas' sisters Death...The Detroit Piston Isaih Thomas tore his achilles. He tore his achilles in 1994 when the Rockets won the NBA Finals...Everything about the Boston Celtic Thomas was 156....
Toyota Camry=156(rockets play in Toyota Center)
Boston Celtics=156
Chyna Thomas died 156 days after my bday in a car that looks very similar to the car I own that my girlfriend drove at the time....Then Isaiah Thomas lost the same tooth my girlfriend lost...
Missing Tooth=156
Chyna died 2 month 8 days after Isaiah's 28th bday...
Twenty Eight=156
False Flag=156

Notice if you go from the death of Chyna Thomas to today it's 9 months 11 days...
911 is the 156th prime number. 
Also recall the story of Bobby Brown(Rockets) writing on the Great Wall of China when the Rockets played the Pelicans in China in last years preseason. 
Remember after Kobe tore his Achilles vs the Warriors the Lakers then went on to beat the Rockets to make the Playoffs...Then Dwight Howard left the Lakers to go to the Rockets...

167 is the 39th prime number. 
With the End Date is 5 months 4 days after Kobe's bday...
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Achilles heel=54
New Orleans=54
Cousins first game with the Pelican's against and against the Rockets was on the 54th day of 2017....Also it was 11 months 3 days ago. 

It's such a Kobe tribute it's not even funny...
Kobe Tore his rotator cuff in 2015 against the New Orlean Pelicans(this was before Cousins was a Pelican) and Cousins replaced him as a Western Conference All Star that season. 

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