Monday, January 29, 2018

Ronda Rousey makes WWE Debut at Royal Rumble-Roddy Piper Tribute

Tell me they didn't use Ronda Rousey tonight in the Royal Rumble to show us Roddy Just so obvious to what I have been saying...Now Ronda Rousey comes out at the Royal Rumble and we find out she is officially signed with the WWE. 

Think about Royal RUMBLE as well in regards to Earthquakes...
Hot Ronda=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Everything I've talked about goes back to 2015 when Philadelphia turned 333 years old. 

I just got home about halfway through the Womens Royal Rumble so I didn't even watch it...if I even will....I did notice a few things by reading the Wikipedia about it. 

Both the Male and Female Royal Rumble Winners are Japanese...
It makes me wonder about Earthquakes and Fukushima. 

A long time ago I didn't know Reverse Gematria so it makes even more sense now seeing that Roddy Piper died age 61. 
Ronda Rousey=61(rev red)
Roderick George Toombs=224....Notice the guy who won the Royal Rumble was born on 2/24 as well. 

Also Tonight's Winner in the Royal Rumble gets to advance to a match in Wrestlemania 34....Rousey came out and just pointed at the Wrestlemania sign....
Remember my original Ronda Rousey/Roddy Piper video was all about 34...
Rousey won her fight in 34 seconds at UFC 190 just after Piper died. 
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190(reverse)
Thirty Four=61 also 56(rev red)
Ronda Rousey=56
Philadelphia=61(rev red)
Asuka born in 81'....
1981 was 34 years after 2015 when Rousey won on 8/1. 
Remember how I said "Kobe Bean Bryant"=81(rev red) and he has a lot of connections to 34 as well? 
Rousey even fought UFC out of Santa Monica, California that's on 34N. 

She beat Bethe Correia who is currently 34 years old too. 

Today is even 911 days after Rousey defeated Correia. 

Rousey lost her first UFC match against Holly Holm(HH..88) in UFC 193....
193 the 44th prime number..
With the End Date her first loss was 107 days after beating Correia. 
Earthquake=44, 107
Roderick George Toombs=107...born on the 107th day of the year. 
Roddy Piper's bday to 8/1 is 107 days. 

Holly Holm was 34 years old when she beat Ronda Rousey...Holm born in 81'. 
Her bday of 10/17 is also interesting as I just mentioned the 1989 World Series Earthquake again that happened on 10/17. 

Rousey's next and final fight was against Amanda Nunes. 
Amanda Nunes=44, 107 also 190(reverse)

Listening to my old videos about Piper and Rousey. I brought up a joke on the the 52nd episode of "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" about Seal.....this sticks out to me as last night I went to my cousins house....we were playing some song Trivia thing with Alexa and "Kiss from a Rose" was on it....We all were like that song rules and haven't heard it forever interesting if we see Seal in regards to something soon...
I didn't realize that song was on Batman Forever either...That's the Batman with the Riddler who uses Gematria in his puzzles for Batman...

In regards to the Super Bowl being in Minnesota there is most likely a riddle with former wrestler Jesse Ventura as well....
James George Janos=65, 88(rev red)
Trump=88=Kneel=US Bank Stadium=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner...
James Janos=107, 163(reverse)
Earthquake=107, 163(reverse)
Super Bowl LII=163(reverse)
The Body=34

Also remember Rousey came in the Ring for the "Rock"(Earthquakes? Rocks?) to hit Stephanie McMahon in Wrestlemania 31....but remember WM 31 was in Levi's Stadium(San Fran Bay Area)...

Remember in WM 31 Triple H did the Terminator Genisys Tribute...The film where there's a bus accident on the Golden Gate Bridge...
Terminator Genisys=231
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Ariana Grande=231(reverse)
Also remember Carl Weathers in Predator with Arnold and Jesse Ventura....  Arnold's character was even called "Dutch"=231(satanic)
Also in WM 31 they brought back the NWO with Hulk Hogan...

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  1. Hey Dan. Look up Marco carvajal MLB stats in terms of upcoming super bowl. . Pretty crazy. He died 1/24 with crazy connections to Miami pitcher (33 and 133.) 5.21 era (98th prime) 57 innings pitched 49 strike outs and 146 walk to hit (14/6) !!