Thursday, January 11, 2018

Letter from the Catholic Church I got in the mail today

I got a letter in the mail from the Catholic Church in my town today. It made me laugh like crazy as I haven't been to that Church since probably 9th grade. I guess a few exceptions such as funerals and I think I went like 10 years on Christmas. 
I guess they are having a meeting at the town hall because of so many priests retiring and seemingly they want to revamp the church. 
I'm assuming that they sent this to me by going through on old log of people who went to the Church? Otherwise I have no idea why they would send this to me. I know my parents wouldn't have suggested it. I thought maybe they just sent it to the whole town, but if you look at how they labeled it and handwrote my name in I don't think so. 
So anyway I just found some interesting things about this letter. 
Notice the letter got sent back as they didn't have my house number on the address label? They then wrote in 316, yet my actual address is 306. 
I've been mentioning 316 a good amount lately in regards to the Flag stuff. Just had the synchronicity with "Kid Rock"=316 and so on...
Also it's fitting for Church
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)
John 3:16 and so on...

The big problem is that this summer we will have 6 priests and only 1 ordained....
Jesus=61=Cross=Holy Spirit=Christian=Church=Time and so on...
I also got this letter on 61 days after my 35th birthday. 
The Bishop is going to retire and we won't get a new one for 4-6 months? 
Catholic=46(rev red)

The Bishop is Richard Pates...interesting was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in light of me talking so much about the Super Bowl lately. 

The rural areas of our diocese have 10 percent of the population but 33 percent of the priests.....
5 priests and 11 parishes?

Father Joel McNeil=87(rev red)
Joel David McNeil=87(rev red)
Remember I quit going to church because of the child molesting priest Howard Fitzgerald. 
Howard Fitzgerald=87

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