Thursday, January 25, 2018

Field of Dreams Field Vandalized-15K Damage

Field of Dreams Park Vandalized=261

I'm picking up on the same frequency or something tonight. I just went to CNN and saw this article about Field of Dreams being vandalized. Remember in 2016 I talked about Field of Dreams and W.P. Kinsella and then he died soon after( a week or so I believe). 
Anyway look at this...
Field of Dreams=72(s), 117 and 234
Fifteen Thousand Dollars=117

The reason I talked about Field of Dreams again in 2016(september) was because of Earthquakes. The film was showing us a same town series in 1989(year film came out). 
1989 was the Earthquake Series with San Francisco vs Oakland. 
He takes Terrence Mann to the Oakland A's vs Red Sox game and they show Moonlight Graham in 1922 it was a Subway Series with the New York Yankees and the New York Giants....and in 1989 it was the A's vs the San Fran Giants. They have to go to MINNESOTA to pick up Moonlight Graham...

I think we might soon see James Earl Jones bite the dust? He was born on 1/17....also think about him in regards to the Lion King...Elton John retiring(can you feel the love tonight)....
If James Earl Jones doesn't die, he is important regardless in what I'm picking up on...
James Earl Jones=231(Reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Remember how he's "Blind" in the Sandlot too. I just saw an article yesterday about a Blind USC player-Korn Blind stuff.....
The reason I'm thinking it has to do with the Lion King even more is because earlier when I went to get the Light bulb in Claires room the Lion King was playing in her DVD Player. It's had to been in there playing for days as she hasn't slept in her bed or really went to her room.....also we got the death of Rafiki(Robert Guillame) in October. 

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