Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Steinberg Family dies in Costa Rican Plane Crash-Bridgewater-Bridge symbolism-Connections to my 2015 info-Philadelphia-Pope Francis-Bruce Springsteen

I was wondering what the purpose of this Costa Rican airplane crash was? I mean they obviously wanted us to see something in regards to these American Families who supposedly died. 
Bruce Steinberg was a Top US Hedge fund Executive who worked for BRIDGEWATER Associates. 
Remember we got the other plane crash story on this same day of Richard Cousins who crashed into a river in Australia. 
I talked about that story being in connection to Papa Johns and a Super Bowl Riddle. 

Notice the owner of Bridgewater associates has a bday of 8/1. 
How fitting as that's the day of the Minnesota Bridge Collapse that fell 81 feet and so on...Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary...Named after St. Francis of Assisi like San Francisco...Golden Gate Bridge=81 and will be opened for 81 years on 5/27/2018......
Bridgewater Associates=88, 223
The Star Spangled Banner=88, 223
Ray Dalio=131(reverse)
Raymond Dalio=131
Super Bowl=131

What else sticks out to me is that this plane crash happened in Costa Rica. The stuff I have mentioned in regards to Bridgewater and Bridges also has been connected to Earthquakes. I've talked about the Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia the most in regards to this. I only bring this back up because we had the significant earthquake in Costa Rica on 11/12. It was a 6.5...."Philadelphia"=65

Also interesting Bruce Steinberg is wearing the Bruce Springsteen shirt. "Bruce".....

Bruce Springsteen did the Super Bowl halftime for SB 43...
Notice the sponsor is "Bridgestone"...
Pittsburgh the City of Bridges....
Pittsburgh won this SB over the Arizona Cardinals who were led by Kurt Warner(Rams). 

His sons wearing the Red Hot Chili Peppers shirts makes me think about SB 48 as well. 

He was 50 years old....
Super Bowl=50(s)
He died 50 days(end date) after Costa Rica Earthquake. 
Steelers=50 and so on...
Ray Dalio=50(rev red)
One of his sons attended UPenn...another John Hopkins..
Super Bowl LII=161
Scarsdale New York=67
Bruce Steinberg=67

CNN reported it as 10 US Citizens among the 12 Killed...They then made sure to let us know the flight took off at 12:10. 
Last Year season 10 episode 12 of the Simpsons was showing me the Falcons losing in the Super Bowl. 

Plane stuff also makes me think of the Eagles in regards to their song "Fly Eagles Fly"....Something to think about

The only game on 10/12 this year was the Eagles win over the Panthers. 

The game on 12/10 was when Wentz got injured against the RAMS. 

I've been saying how all the stuff I'm noticing is stuff I was talking about in 2015. A lot of it had to do with Philadelphia and the Popes visit to the US finishing in Philadelphia.  I even talked about Bruce Springsteen being born on 9/23(special to the Pope's visit) and how he wrote the theme song for the film "Philadelphia".  
Remember 9/23 this year was the day Trump called out the "Kneeling" in the NFL. 

Also the Bridgewater shooting where they showed "Franklin Bridgewater" on the bottom of the screen. It was in Moneta, Virginia and I even talked about how Moneta means "Money". Similar to the death of Money....think about that in connection to what I've been saying all year. The Super Bowl is connected to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. Trump the richest president.
I also documented the big Eagles connection to the deaths of Chuck Benarik and Frank Gifford in 2015. 
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish) and 2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. Also Kobe Bryant(Philadelphia native) announced his retirement on the 333rd day of the year which was 33 days after Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 

I just can't figure it out. The team I thought was gonna win the Super Bowl in 2015 was the Chiefs, because they were connected to the Rams/Moses/Mormons symbolism along with the Eagles. Also the native american theme and Back to the Future I was noticing. Of course the Indians later in 2016 made the World Series against the Cubs who win in 2015 in Back to the Future. 
Now the Rams, Chiefs, and Eagles all in the Playoffs and the Steelers connected to the Bridge Symbolism that goes along with Philadelphia....

Mormon=88....Alex Smith and Andy Reid both ties to Mormon colleges....88th anniversary of the stock market crash..."Kneel"=88 and so on...Harry S. Truman is the only president to die age 88 in Kansas City....He was the president during the Korean War....Need to do some more research and listen to some of my old info for a clue...Alex Smith was a 49er and got injured against the RAMS, and that's how Kaepernick became the starter...Remember Teddy Bridgewater knocked out against the Rams on Sam Bradford's bday in 2015. Bridgewater later injured his ACL just before playing the Rams in 2016..The 49ers only beat the Rams last season(2016) Kaepernick's final start in 2015 was against the Rams on 11/1/15. 
 After Bridgewater injured the Vikings got Eagle and Ex-Ram Sam Bradford...Now they have Case Keenum who was an ex-Ram who took the starting job of Nick Foles when playing for the Rams. Now Foles is taking over for Wentz who was injured against the Rams and Wentz became the starter because Bradford went to Minnesota. 

49ers play in Levi's Stadium....Moses in the Tribe of Levi....Moses brought in Aries which is the Ram. 

I also think it's funny Kaepernick began the not standing on 8/14/16 and then later kneeled which is when it became a big thing. 8/14 is Tim Tebow's bdays(the original kneeler...the 316 game against the Steelers)....

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