Monday, January 15, 2018

Viking kneel instead of kick extra point-"Miracle" reminds me of the death of the 2 "Miracle" actors in 2017.

This article was on my trending Yahoo articles. The Vikings "Kneel" instead of kicking the extra point...
Think about all of the kneeling stuff all year long. 
Also the big thing in the article was that the Saints were 5.5 point underdogs and only lost by 5 points. 
Stefon Diggs=55(rev red)

It's also funny they are calling the Diggs play a "Miracle" reminding us of the Music City Miracle stuff earlier. 
Remember earlier this year 2 actors from the film "Miracle" died. Notice the coach in the film was the coach at the University of Minnesota too. 

I'll look more at this tomorrow but I bet anything there is a big connection. The Miracle on Ice was all about the Soviet Union and the Olympics....think about how Russia can't participate in the Olympics and/or if they do they can't listen to their national anthem....(Kneeling symbolism)
Brother Berg's post on "Miracle"

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