Thursday, January 4, 2018

Carson Wentz defends Bird Hunting-Synchronicty with the Simpsons season 10 ep. 20 while making blog post.

Carson Wentz underfire for Bird Hunting. Just funny as my last post even talked about US Bank Stadium being a Bird Killer...the Eagles are Birds....
My favorite part of this story is his Dogs name though..
Mama "Henley"....reminding us of Don Henley drummer for the popular band "The Eagles". 
His dog is 5 years old, so he named it well before he played for the Eagles. 
Don Henley=33(rev red)
Hunting=33(rev red)

I went to their Youtube channel and I noticed he has the symbol AO1 on a lot of stuff with a cross in the middle of the O. 

I guess it's some foundation he started...Fitting though...
With the cross in the middle it makes it seem as it's just A,  a cross with a circle around it, and a 1..
AO1=11(rev red)
AO one=50
Notice Carson Wentz wears # 11...
Carson Wentz=50

He announced the launch of his foundation on the 11th of July with a 50 second video too. 
Audience of One=63(rev red) and 63(reduced)
AO1 Foundation=63(rev red)
Bird Hunting=63 and 63(rev red)

Funny the Youtube Channel currently has 5.5 subscribers too...
Also the story about his Dog....the reverse of God...

Ha seriously just as I typed Dog I hear the TV say Dogs...
Didn't realize the picture was so terrible, they don't look that distorted on my phone. 

Right after I hear the part where Lisa says "Dogs" Bart goes over to the Indian guy and says, "What about you Chief"? "Don't you want to be Free Like the EAGLE"? 
I mean think about what I keep something is connected to what I was talking about in 2015 with the Chiefs and the Eagles....this happens while I'm making a post about a Philadelphia Eagle..

I went back and watched this whole episode....they even do a joke about Intercourse, Pennsylvania...

It's a real town as well....I noticed it got it's name in 1814....which was the year Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem...

The whole purpose of the episode is that the Olympics are coming to Springfield. They then bring up trying to find a mascot and talk about the Atlanta "Whazzit"...just interesting as Atlanta hosted the Olympics in 1996...
Springfield Olympics=231
National Anthem=231
This year the Winter Olympics begin just after the Super Bowl in South Korea....We keep getting stories of North Korea....Remember the Atlanta Olympic bombing too. 

The episode was season 10 episode 20....also the 223rd episode..

This stuff happens so much to me it's not even funny. Earlier tonight at work I was putting Bosco sticks in a bag. I remembered a girl I used to work with and how she folded the bags twice and no one else did. She also loved the Bosco Sticks...Anyway I'm putting them in a bag thinking about her and the phone rings. Of course it was her calling to order a my surprise she didn't order Bosco Sticks...I hadn't seen or talked to her for about 3 weeks before this.. 

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