Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Alex Smith traded to Redskins-It's all about the Mormons

Haha awesome, I go to and this is the headline story.....more news that reminds me of the Mormon stuff. 
Alex Smith getting traded to the Redskins....from the Chiefs(native americans)
This comes after we hear about the Cleveland Indians getting rid of the Chief Wahoo logo too. 
Redskins...native americans(Lamanites)....Smith went to college at UTAH(Salt Lake, City known for Mormons)....Andy Reid is a Mormon. 

Smith traded 98 days(end date) before his bday...
Kansas City Chiefs=98(rev red)...98th season...All the Patriots 98 connections. 
Native Americans=98(rev red)

Alexander Douglas Smith=88
Remember he got replaced by Colin Kaepernick...
Colin Kaepernick=88
Joseph Smith died 88 days(end date) before the anniversary of the day he was able to take the plates. 
Brigham Young is known as the Modern Moses for bringing the Mormons from Nauvoo, Illinois to Utah....
49ers play in Levi's stadium....Moses in the Tribe of Levi...Chiefs play in Sea of Red.....

Kansas City is where the only president to die age 88 Harry S. Truman died. 
Alex Smith-KC Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles connections to Mormons-Super Bowl 50 Playlist

I'm telling you everything I talked about in 2015 is connected to what's going on, it's just crazyness. 

Another thing I mentioned was the Mormons stayed at Winter Quarters for the Winter before going on to Salt Lake City...This is where the Mormon Bridge is located.....It's basically the North Omaha Bridge over the Missouri river...Interesting it opened in 1952...possibly the bridge stuff is connected to this bridge? 
The Toll was paid on 4/21 even.....The Book of Mormon from the american prophets until 421 AD. 

Thinking more on this story as I bet there is something to do with Gordon Hayward being injured....Also the South Park Guys with the Mormon Broadway show/Orgazmo  and the episode about Mormons. Also the episode where they use the name "Washington Redskins" as their starter company.   Remember they get the support of ISIS and Kyle quits the company....Just before the Paris Attacks the South Park episode had the kids dressed like Isis...

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