Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Neil Diamond retiring and Now Elton John announces his retirement on Neil Diamonds Birthday

Neil Diamond=55, 62(rev red)
Parkinsons=55, 62(rev red)

I still haven't looked much into this story...but Neil Diamond retiring has to be connected to Kneeling and Football. 

Now Elton John announces his retirement. Funny I just made a video and blog post on Kobe Bryant and now seeing this story on CNN. 
Kobe Bryant=41, 113
Dear Basketball=41, 113
Elton John=41, 113

Notice Elton John announces his retirement on Neil Diamonds birthday too. lol...
Diamond born in 41'. 

I shit you not... I just looked up at the TV and saw Dustin Diamond lol. The movie "Dickie Roberts" is playing IFC now. When I woke up I turned it to this channel because "Walk Hard: A Dewey Cox Story" was on. I haven't paid attention until now. 
Look at his name too....
Dustin NEIL Diamond....he's 41 years old. 
Most people know him a "Screech" on Saved by the Bell...
Who knows but Screech reminds me of a bird Sound....Saved by the Bell? Liberty Bell? 

Elton John retiring reminds me of last year when I read an article about him performing for Robert Kraft before SB 51. 

The Space theme...."Rocket Man"....I know there's something I'm supposed to understand with 'Tiny Dancer" as well. I just documented about the birth of my son and Sly Stallone and Tony Danza building the bird house.....Hold me closer "Tony Danza"(Tiny Dancer). 
Ha I never noticed this the other night either...
Zamien Behrendt=72, 72(rev red), 144, 234(reverse)
Antonio Ladanza=81(rev red) also 144, 234(reverse)
Sylvester Stallone=243
Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone=117
My son born on 1/17 and so on..
Think about Parkinsons too....Rocky...Muhammad Ali
Ali born on 1/17. 

Interesting he says this has been planned since 2015 too. The year I keep talking about is connected to this year. 
Elton also has a song called "Philadelphia Freedom"...
A lot more I need to look into when I get a chance. 


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