Monday, January 22, 2018

A Goofy Movie came up 2 times yesterday-An Extremely Goofy Movie Paper Airplane and 911 on it.

Yesterday before work I got on Facebook and someone(I can't remember who) posted this video of "A Goofy Movie" in real life. 
Anyway after work I went to pick up Claire at her grandmas house and they were watching the cartoon.."A Goofy Movie". I thought how interesting that randomly a Goofy Movie comes up like this in my day. 

So since Claire didn't get to finish watching the movie I told her I would find it at home and we could watch it. I thought it was on Netflix, but only "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (Part 2) is on Netflix so we watched that instead. 
I noticed a 911 reference in the film as well...Keep in mind this film came out on 2/29/2000.....
Max is sitting with his dad Goofy in the college Library and his friends throw a paper airplane at him with a note on it. The plane crashes into his head and he opens it with the note saying to meet them in the music appreciation aisle....911!!

The guy who voiced Max in "A Goofy Movie" is Jason Marsden. 
A Goofy Movie=133
Jason Marsden=43, 133 
Notice he's 43 years old right now...
Jason Christopher Marsden=133(rev red)
I remember this guy more from the show "Step by Step" and Boy Meets World though...

Just documenting this but the past week or so I've been thinking about my family a lot more then the coded media/sports and so on...The Korn/Limp Bizkit stuff made me think of the Family Values tour....I keep saying everything seems to be connected to 2015 and in 2015 I made videos in regards to Family Matters and Steve Urkel...Urkel uses his rocket pack on an episode of Family Matters and then landed in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Then when "Step by Step" played Urkel was in the episode as it was set in Port Washington. I also documented Urkel being on an episode of Full House(San Francisco)....He also sends a letter to his friend Cory Matthews in Philadelphia(Boy Meets World)...Even funnier is that this year for Halloween I was Steve Urkel...I have no idea why I chose to be him it just popped in my head and I rolled with it.
In 2015 I was all about the Warriors winning the NBA Finals, I also originally thought it would be Yankees vs Mets in the WS from the film Trainwreck...but in the beginning of October I realized the Theme was the Pope's visit and the Royals connections to the Pope. 
Steve/Stephon Urkel-Stephen Curry-Family Matters video pt 1
Urkel Pt 2

A Goofy Movie=47
Notice it came out on 4/7...

Anyway not sure what the significance of A Goofy Movie coming up like that is but we'll see if I figure it out as time goes on..

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