Monday, January 8, 2018

Pink singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 52 as I suspected a month ago-Steelers-Flag-National Anthem-Simpsons Kid Rock Synchronicity

Finally we find out who is performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 52. It's "Pink" of course. 

Fingerling and the Color Pink Blog Post
I wrote on my blog a month ago that I thought Pink might be singing the National Anthem because of Synchronicity that was going on in my life. Check out the Link above. 

This story comes on 1/8 or 8/1....

Super Bowl=50
Steelers=50(rev red)
Pittsburgh Steelers=81

The Star Spangled Banner=119(rev red)

Everything about her is right for Super Bowl 52 as well. 
Born on 9/'s the 98th NFL Season. 
Alecia Moore=52
She's age 38. 
Minnesota=38, 52(rev red)
Super Bowl Lii=163
163 is the 38th prime number. 
US Bank Stadium=38
Fifty Two=38(rev red)

Interesting this story comes 243 days before her bday. 
Pittsburgh Steelers=243 and 243(reverse)

I just spent the last half hour logging into a different Facebook to find my post on that group I got kicked out of. I know I mentioned something about Pink and thinking the Steelers are winning the Super Bowl. Ron Walker even wrote me a couple of messages in regards to it just before I got deleted in the group. 
If you are reading the blog and know what I wrote Ron it would be appreciated. Thanks. 
I know I said something about not knowing that Pink is "P!nk" and possibly wrote "P!nk"=41 like "Super bowl"=41?
There You Go=41(rev red)

What's funny is that all my other stuff is deleted but they for some reason left my post about Alex Jones and Bill Cooper in comments? 
I wish I could remember what I wrote in that post as if they left the Alex Jones post the other post must've had something significant in it.

Anyway in the previous post about Pink I also pointed out she is musically out of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is important to the Flag as the rumor is Betsy Ross had sewn the flag at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. 
239 the 52nd prime. 

Ha, I was just looking back at posts of me talking about the history of the Flag and right when I got to the Simpsons post about Kid Rock I heard Joe C. on the TV. This exact episode is playing on my TV right now. It never fails, so much synchronicity constantly in my life. 
Kid Rock Simpsons Flag Post
Not sure what I'm supposed to see with it....I talked the connections to Kid Rock and the Flag though, and also a desecrated Flag. Possibly it's something to do with Charlie Rose as well..
Kid Rock=316(satanic)...the kneeling stuff is important to Charles Manson who was connected to 316. 
Today is the 6th anniversary of the Tebow 316 game against the Steelers with a total score of 23+29=52. 

I also want to point out though that although Pink is musically from Philadelphia she recorded the song "There You Go" in Atlanta. 

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  1. dan i just saw an article that Carrie Underwood and Ludacris are opening the superbowl! ludacris real name is Christopher Brian ""Bridges"" seriously?? 3.2.2 initials, plus hes born on 9/11/1977. id love to see ur thoughts on this